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A is for Anachronism
Lester, Maria
Experiences of a teacher.
Badass Teachers Unite! Reflections on Education, History, and Youth Activism
Naison, Mark
Collection of essays on education and youth activism draws from Naison's research on Bronx History and his experiences defending teachers and students from school reform policies which undermine their...
Censorship Goes To School
Booth, David
Chicago Teachers Strike Back: Against The Current vol. 161
Bartlett, Rob
Chicago Teachers Union stage a walkout that leads to an improved contract.
Class Warfare: The Assault on Canada's School
Barlow, Maude; Robertson, Heather-Jane
The authors show that the attack on schools has been mounted by representatives of big business who stand to make a fortune by privatizing education, aided by the religious right, who want to control ...
Connexions: Volume 3, Number 5 - September 1978
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Connexions Library: Education, Children Focus
Selected articles, books, websites and other resources on education and children.
Debunking the Fraser Institute's Latest Crusade: Teacher Merit Pay
Gutstein; Donald
Fresh from the triumph of successfully promoting its fallacious school report card, this time in Alberta, the Fraser Institute is already scheming to peg teacher pay to student test scores and create ...
Education for Change: Henry Giroux and Transformative Critical Pedagogy: Against The Current vol. 83
Hudson, Mark
These are difficult times for teachers in U.S. public schools. The increasing size of schools, chronic underfunding of schools serving working-class students (especially students of color), work overl...
Web portal with sources of information about education and academia, including articles, documents, books, websites, and experts and spokespersons. The home page features a selection of recent and imp...
Helping Teens Stop Violence: A Practical Guide for Parents, Counselors and Educators
Creighton, Paul; Kivel, Paul
Practical workshops to show teens how to stop the violence in their lives.
How Oakland Teachers Fought Back
Balderston, Bill
The record in recent years of public-sector union battles, especially strikes, has largely been one of defensive actions. This is not so much due to anti-union propaganda, which labels such job action...
LA Teachers Face the Crisis: Against The Current vol. 142
The Editors
Interview with UTLA activist. Against the Current interviewed a longtime activist and current leader in the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) about the impact of California’s devastating budget cr...
Land and Community: Crisis in Canada's Countryside
Sim, R. Alex
Sim's thesis is that rural society is overlooked due to urban dependence upon "great associations," economies of scale, and other socio-cultural institutions of unmanageable size.
Oaxaca protests 2006: Connexipedia Article
The Mexican state of Oaxaca was embroiled in a conflict that lasted more than seven months and resulted in at least seventeen deaths and the occupation of the capital city of Oaxaca by the Popular Ass...
Pakistan: Teachers and Farmers Protests Brutally Crushed in Sindh
Mohsin, Ali
On December 25, 2017, primary, secondary and high school teachers in Karachi held a defiant protest against the Sindh government due to its refusal to provide them with permanent jobs despite having a...
Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Freire, Paulo
Freire maintains that every human being, no matter or "ignorant" or submerged in the "culture of silence," is capable of looking critically at the world in a dialogical encounter with others, and that...
Peer Review and the New Teacher Unionism: Mutual Support or Policing?: Against The Current vol. 82
Jordan, Joel
This spring, the California state legislature passed a bill sponsored by the newly elected governor, Democrat Gray Davis, making California the first state to mandate peer review in every school distr...
School Zone
Way, Jamie (Director)
Humourous video that explores the benefits and protection the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation has gained for members through advocacy and collective bargaining.
The Survival of Education: Against The Current vol. 134
Olson, Peter
I remember reading Jonathan Kozol’s Savage Inequalities as a student activist, when becoming a teacher was an abstract and somewhat romanticized idea floating around my head. I was moved by the politi...
We Stand with the Teachers of Oaxaca
The values and aspirations of teachers and families everywhere are the same: to see the healthy, secure, peaceful development of their students and children to the fullest of their abilities in an env...
Women at Work - Ontario, 1850- 1930
Goldsmith, Penny; Shephard, Bonnie.
Working Class Experience: Rethinking the History of Canadian Labour, 1800-1991
Palmer, Bryan D.
From nineteenth-century tavern life to late twentieth-century cinema, from rough canallers and the first stirrings of craft unionism to contemporary public-sector strikes, this books provides a sweepi...

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An Experiment in Democracy - Book Review
La Botz, Dan
Organizing Dissent: Unions, the State, and the Democratic Teachers' Movement in Mexico by Maria Lorena Cook. (University Park, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1996). Photographs, ap...
An open letter to the Peel Catholic School Board from Jewish Canadians in support of Nadia Shoufani
Jewish Canadians writing in support of Nadia Shoufani, a teacher in the Peel Catholic School Board who was suspended pending an investigation by the Ontario College of Teachers.

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Teachers for Social Justice
Organization profile published 1980