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Milton-Born-with-a-Tooth: Connexipedia article
Milton Born-With-A-Tooth is a Peigan-Blackfoot political activist.
Borneo's Killer Dams: Mega-Dams in Sarawak Threaten Indigenous Tribes with Ethnocide
Stephenson, Amanda
Sarawak, Malaysia, is home to thousands of endemic species, forty indigenous groups, and one of the largest transboundary rainforests remaining in the world. The state is also suffering from one of th...
Canada's Aquatic Environments
Information on habitiats, plants, and animals.
Connexions Library: Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Water Focus
Selected articles, books, websites and other resources on water, rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes, rivers, oceans, marine life.
Defending the Oldman River: A conversation with Milton-Born-With-A-Tooth
An interview with Milton-Born-With-A-Tooth about the struggle to defend the Oldman River in Alberta.
Web portal with information about environmental issues and resources, with articles, documents, books, websites, and experts and spokespersons. The home page features a selection of recent and importa...
Is Canada's government trying to kill off the wild salmon?
Matthews, Jeff
Matthews discusses how the Canadian government's actions and legal changes threaten the wild salmon.
Legacy: The Natural History of Ontario
Theberge, John B.
A comprehensive, extensively illustrated natural history of Ontario, covering bedrock, soils, birds, mammals, insects, wildflowers, forests, prehistoric life, and much more.
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - February 12, 2015: SYRIZA
Diemer, Ulli (editor); Khan, Tahmid (production)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
This week we're featuring the 40-point program which SYRIZA, the Greek coalition of the radical left, put forward to win the Greek election. Oliver Tickell writes about the mass media's latest campaig...
Remembering the Don: A Rare Record of Earlier Times Within the Don River Valley
Sauriol, Charles
Memories of Toronto's Don River in days gone by.
The Run of the River: Portraits of Eleven British Columbia Rivers
Hume, Mark
Mark Hume celebrates eleven B.C. rivers, but also raises questions about the cost of development and the cost of wilderness. Is it possible to have industry -- forestry, smelting, fishing, and even to...
Swimming in Shit : Against the Current
Sperber, Elliot
Why is it the case that in a city that is almost entirely built on islands – a city literally surrounded by water – are there so few places to swim and cool off?
Unimpeded Rivers Crucial as Climate Changes: New Study
Lavoie, Judith
Gravel-bed rivers and their floodplains are the lifeblood of ecosystems and need to be allowed to run and flood unimpeded if species are to be protected and communities are to cope with climate change...

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The Hidden Rivers of Brooklyn
Royte, Elizabeth
A look at the extensive drainage and sewer system under the streets of Brooklyn, NY. When pipes fill up and plants reach capacity, untreated water containg sewage flows into local rivers and bays. How...
The Moonlit Stream
Farragher, Elaine
For relief from the stresses and strains of life, there is nothing like spending a few hours sitting beside a flowing river. A river, unlike a lake, moves. It is going somewhere. It's like life passin...
Source (river or stream)
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
The source or headwaters of a river or stream is the place from which the water in the river or stream originates.
Toronto Council Moves to Protect City's Water from Pipeline Spills
Sources News Release
Toronto City Council's motion asking for emergency shut-off values on either side of the City of Toronto's major watercourses reflects increased resident pressure on the city to defend us all against ...

From the Connexions Archives

The word Fluvarium literally means "windows on a stream". In this case, the stream is Nagles's Hill Brook, a tributary of Rennies River, which has been diverted to flow past nine underwater windows.
The Inter-Church Task Force on the Churchill River Diversion
Organization profile published 1976
Teixeira, F. Bryan
Task Force formed to assist the Northern Flood Committee.
Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority
The conservation authority covering the Saugeen River watershed.