Religious Tolerance

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Bangladesh and the shrinking space for free thinkers: 'Don't call me Muslim, I am an atheist'
Taslima, Nasreen
Writer Taslima Nasreen fled Bangladesh in 1994 when extremists threatened to kill her for criticizing Islam, and has been living in exile since. Her country has, in recent times, seen many intellectua...
Chasing a Mirage: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State
Fatah, Tarek
According to Tarek Fatah, "Morality is doing what is right, regardless what we are told; Religious dogma is doing what we are told, no matter what is right." Fatah argues that since Islam's advent, th...
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Free speech for me - you shut up
Diemer, Ulli
The right to express offensive views is at the very heart of the principle of free speech.
Iraq: Guerrilla War in Sadr City: Against The Current vol. 114
Schwartz, Michael
In attacking first Najaf, then Tal Afar and Samarra, and finally tackling the center of Sunni resistance in Fallujah, the United States was seeking to reverse this process. But these attacks were not...
The lessons we have learned: Palestine & Iraq: Any Signs of Hope?
Lowi, Henry
A speech on "the peace movement: lessons learned and the way forward." Henry Lowi argues that "There is no sign of hope, for the old prejudices and the old concepts, and there is no hope for the colon...
Murfreesboro vs. Islamophobia
Short, Jase; Woloszyn, Andy
When the Muslim community in Murfreesboro, Tennessee sought a permit to build an expanded Islamic Center, local bigots saw an opportunity to exploit the same "moral panic," invented by the Tea Party, ...
The OIC does not speak for Muslims
Fatah, Tarek
Tarek Fatah says that "To suggest that any criticism of Islamism, the political ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian Ayatollahs, is anti-Islamic is a bogus and fraudulent position. I wou...
The Road to Civil War: Against The Current vol. 113
Avnery, Uri
Everybody in Israel is talking about the Next War. The most popular TV channel is running a whole series about it.

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Women Living Under Muslim Law
WLUML is an international solidarity network that provides information and support for those women whose lives have been shaped by the customs and/or laws of Islam. It extends to more 70 countries and...
Zentralrat der Ex-Muslime
Dem Zentralrat der Ex-Muslime geh‚ÄĚren Menschen an, die entweder den muslimischen Glauben aufgegeben haben oder die niemals Muslime waren, wenngleich sie aufgrund ihrer Herkunft aus einem sog. "muslimi...

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After the Arab spring, the struggle continues on a university campus
A dispute between a secular academic and conservative Islamists threatens the peace at a Tunisian university
Brulliard, Karin
A university administrator takes a stand against religious extremism.
Bussy-Saint-Georges, the town with built-in religious harmony
Le Bars, Stephanie
Planners hope construction of a multi-faith district will bring together the citizens of a new town near Paris.

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Muslim Canadian Congress
A grassroots organization that provides a voice to Muslims who are not represented by existing organizations; organizations that are either sectarian or ethnocentric, largely authoritarian, and influe...