Refugees/Right of Return

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The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
Pappe, Ilan
Israelo historian Ilan Pappe recounts the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Israel during the war of 1948.
Israel/Palestine: Resources for peace, justice, and human rights
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
A selection of resources for those looking for a solution to the situation in Isreal/Palestine based on peace, justice, and human rights.
The lessons we have learned: Palestine & Iraq: Any Signs of Hope?
Lowi, Henry
A speech on "the peace movement: lessons learned and the way forward." Henry Lowi argues that "There is no sign of hope, for the old prejudices and the old concepts, and there is no hope for the colon...
Our Way to Fight: Peace-work under siege in Israel-Palestine
Riordon, Michael
Documents the lives and work of grassroots peace activists, Israelis and Palestinians fighting for justice and human rights on both sides of the wall. The book also explore events that stirred people ...
Palestinian Refugees: The Right Of Return
Aruri, Naseer (ed.)
The thorniest of issues, elucidated, discussed, and contextualized, by an impressive array of scholars and activists, including Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, Norman Finkelstein, Jaber Sueiman, Nahla Ghan...
The Root of the Mid-East Conflict and the Reason Our Government Supports Israel's Government
Spritzler, John
How should decent people respond to the Middle-East conflict? We should support equality, not Zionist ethnic cleansing. Equality is the way to make a better world for ordinary people from Watertown to...
Tactics of desperation: Using false accusations of 'anti-semitism' as a weapon to silence criticism of Israel's behaviour
Diemer, Ulli
The Israeli state and its defenders are increasingly attempting to silence critics because they are losing the battle for public opinion.

Connexions Directory of Groups & Websites

Canadian-Palestinian Educational Exchange
CEPAL has been educating Palestinian refugees in Lebanon since 1997. As part of our work, CEPAL also creates awareness to Canadians about the refugees' difficult conditions in Lebanon.
The Noam Chomsky Web site.
International Middle East Media Center
Media center developed in collaboration between Palestinian and International journalists to provide English language media coverage of Israel-Palestine.

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Electronic Intifada
Palestinian portal for information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its depiction in the media. News, commentary, analysis, and reference materials about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fro...