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Connexions Library

Connexions Quotations
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
A selection of quotations about social change, resistance, solidarity, and many other topics. Compiled by Ulli Diemer. Each quote has been turned into an image file.
Connexions Quotations - Author Index
An author index of quotations about social change, resistance, solidarity, and many other topics.
Connexions Quotations - Topic Index
A topic index of quotations about social change, resistance, solidarity, and many other subjects.
Seeds of Peace: A Catalogue of Quotations
Larson, Jeanne; Madge Cyrus-Micheels (eds)
Seeds of Peace is an indexed and well-organized collection of more than 1,700 quotations on war and peace, nonviolence, and the quest for justice.

Sources Library

Concise Dictionary of Proverbs
Third Edition
Simpson, John, Speake, Jennifer
Little Book of Big Ideas
Stangroom, Jeremy
A handbook which gathers insight and information on 50 thinkers and 10 oimportant theories in a concise and accessible format. Readers will come to grips with key concepts that are the backbone of phi...
The Meaning of Everything
The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary
Winchester, Simon
Oxford Concise Dictionary of Quotations
Revised Edition
Partington, Angela (ed.)
A compact and entertaining source of literary and historical quotations.
The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Quotations
Kemp, Peter
About 4000 quotations, all arranged by subject in one alphabetical sequence blending topics and authors, with a chronological arrangement within each subject.
Oxford Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Second Edition
Knowles, Elizabeth (ed.)
These entries tell the story behind words, names and sayings. The range is from short definitions to more detailed accounts.
Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs
Speake, Jennifer
Here are 1100 proverbs, 40 new coinages, and about 400 updated examples, as well as annotations and current citations from around the English-speaking world.
The Wiley Book of Business Quotations
Ehrlich, Henry
Largely drawn from the press and speeches of business leaders, these quotes are clever, topical, alarming and amusing, but not very familiar.