Private Schools

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Charter Schools Increase Fraud, Corruption, Chaos, and Anarchy
Tell , Shawgi
Charter schools, which barely make up seven percent of U.S. schools, are often accused of taking all the antisocial, antipublic, and antipeople practices of medieval autocrats and opportunuties to new...
Web portal with sources of information about education and academia, including articles, documents, books, websites, and experts and spokespersons. The home page features a selection of recent and imp...
Milwaukee League Comes to the Defense of Public Schools: Milwaukeeans vs. the Privatization Pandemic
Price, Todd Alan
The battle to keep the public in control of the public schools.
School Vouchers Scam Goes Down: Against The Current vol. 90
Cooper, Loiuse
A key achievement in the November elections was the defeat of school voucher schemes in California and Michigan. California's Proposition 38 would have offered every child in California a $4,000 vouch...
Universal Cure
Monbiot, George
Here's a simple means of transforming the UK's universities, schools and society.

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Private-school debate grows
Nelson, Marissa
Proposed legislation to aid private schools amounts to a subsidy for rich parents, opponents to Bill 45 say.

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Ontario Association of Alternative and Independent Schools (OAAIS)
Organization profile published 1979
Three people met in the summer of 1974 to discuss their concern over alternative and independent schools in Ontario.