Pirate Radio Stations

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Connexions Library

Autonomous Media: Activating Resistance & Dissent
Langlois, Andrea; Dubois, Frederic
Essays written by media activists examining the efforts of communities and social movements to appropriate media technologies.
Pirate radio: Connexipedia Article
Illegal or unregulated radio transmitters.
Pirate radio guide: A technical primer and guide with advice about micropower broadcasting and other aspects of running a pirate radio station.
Many people still assume that an FM broadcast station consists of rooms full of equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars. The Micropower Broadcasting, Free Radio Movement has shown this to be un...
Radio Alice: Connexipedia Article
Italian free radio broadcasting from Bologna at the end of the 1970s.
Radio Alice: Radio in Action in Italy
Radio in action in Italy.
Steal This Book
Hoffman, Abbie
A guide to fighting government and corporations. The book is divided into three sections, "Survive!", "Fight!" and "Liberate!"