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Angels of the Workplace: Women and the Construction of Gender Relations in the Canadian Clothing Industry, 1890-1940
Steedman, Mercedes
Examines how the intricate weaving together of the meanings of class, gender, ethnicity, family, and the workplace created a job ghetto for women. Detailing the disparities between men and women in te...
Living Wage Movement: An Update: Against The Current vol. 90
Luce, Stephanie
Several months ago, a few hundred service workers in Santa Cruz, California won a raise. Workers who work for the city or for private sector firms who perform city services will now be eligible for $1...
Revolution Re-Assessed: Politics of Human Liberation
The political objectives and beliefs of the Australian-based Libertarian Socialist Organisation.
When in Doubt, Do Both: The Times of My Life
Macpherson, Kay
Macpherson chronicles the stirrings that led to the modern women's movement in Canada, including the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in 1967.

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Women's Legal Education and Action Fund
Uses the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to promote equality for women.

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