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American Indian Movement: Connexipedia Article
Native American activist organization in the United States which has led protests advocating indigenous American rights, inspired cultural renewal, monitored police activities, and coordinated employm...
Ausserparlamentarische Opposition: Connexipedia Article
Was a political protest movement active in West Germany during the latter half of the 1960s and early 1970s, forming a central part of the German student movement.
Back-to-the-land movement: Connexipedia Article
Refers to a North American social phenomenon of the 1960s and 1970s involving an attempted migration from cities to rural areas.
Black Panther Party: Connexipedia Article
African-American organization established to promote Black Power.
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: Connexipedia Article
An organization that advocates unilateral nuclear disarmament by Britain. It also campaigns for international nuclear disarmament and tighter international arms regulation through agreements such as t...
Challenging the Mississippi Fire Bombers: Memories of Mississippi 1964-65
Dann, Jim
With a firsthand account of the details and thoughtful descriptions of key people on the front lines, author Jim Dann brings the historic period, the June 1964 civil rights struggle to register as man...
Chipko movement: Connexipedia Article
Movement dedicated to the conservation, restoration and ecologically-sound use of India's natural resources. Known for practising Gandhian methods of satyagraha and non-violent resistance, such as hug...
Chipko Movement: Connexipedia: Right Livelihood Award Winner
Movement dedicated to the conservation, restoration and ecologically-sound use of India's natural resources. Known for practising Gandhian methods of satyagraha and non-violent resistance, such as hug...
COINTELPRO: Connexipedia Article
A series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at investigating and disrupting dissident political organizations within the ...
Committee for an Independent Canada: Connexipedia: Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia
Rickwood, Roger
A citizens' committee to promote Canadian economic and cultural independence.
Committee of 100 (United Kingdom): Connexipedia Article
A British anti-war group set up in 1960.
Communist League (Canada): Connexipedia: Entry in NationMaster Encyclopedia
Founded as the Revolutionary Workers League/Ligue Ouvrière Révolutionnaire in 1977 as the result of a merger of the League for Socialist Action, the Revolutionary Marxist Group and the Groupe Marxiste...
Consciousness raising: Connexipedia Article
Form of political activism, pioneered by United States feminists in the late 1960s.
Correspondence Publishing Committee: Connexipedia Article
A radical left organization in the US led by C.L.R. James and Martin Glaberman from approximately 1951 until 1962.
Counterculture of the 1960s: Connexipedia Article
A cultural movement that mainly developed in the North America and England and spread throughout much of the western world between 1960 and the mid-1970s as a reaction against the political conservati...
Disability rights movement: Connexipedia Article
A movement aims to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.
Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement: Connexipedia Article
An organization of African-American workers formed in May 1968 in the Chrysler Corporation's Hamtramck Assembly plant, formerly Dodge Main, Detroit, Michigan.
Ecofeminism: Connexipedia Article
A social and political movement which points to the existence of considerable common ground between environmentalism and feminism.
Eurocommunism was a current among the Communist Parties, mainly in Europe, from 1968 up to the early 1980s, which sought autonomy of their own national parties relative to the leadership claims of the...
Facing Reality
James, C.L.R., Lee, Grace C., Chaulieu, Pierre
Inspired by the October 1956 Hungarian workers' revolution against Stalinist oppression, as well as the U.S. workers' "wild-cat" strikes (against capital and the union bureaucracies), the authors look...
Facing Reality: Connexipedia Article
A radical left group in the United States which existed from about 1962 until 1970.
Free Speech Movement (Berkeley): Connexipedia Article
A student protest which took place during the 1964-1965 academic year on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley after student activists, some of whom had traveled with the Freedom Riders...
Freedom rides: Connexipedia Article
Freedom Riders were Civil Rights activists who rode on interstate buses into the segregated southern United States.
Freedom Summer: Connexipedia Article
A campaign in the United States launched in June 1964 to attempt to register as many African American voters as possible in Mississippi, which up to that time had almost totally excluded black voters.
Gay Liberation: Connexipedia Article
The name used to describe the radical lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement of the late 1960s and early to mid 1970s in North America, Western Europe, and Australia and New Zealand.
Gay Liberation Front: Connexipedia Article
The name of a number of Gay Liberation groups.
Hippies: Connexipedia Article
A subculture which was originally a youth movement that began in the United States during the early 1960s and spread around the world.
International Communist Tendency: Connexipedia Article
An international centralised left communist organisation formed in 1975.
International of Anarchist Federations: Connexipedia Article
Founded during an international Anarchist conference in Carrara in 1968 by the three existing European federations of France, Italy and Spain as well as the Bulgarian federation in French exile.
Joe Hill House: Connexipedia Article
A Catholic Worker Movement house of hospitality in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Just Society Movement: Connexipedia article
The Just Society Movement was founded in 1968 by two single mothers, who were fed up with a welfare system that did not serve their needs. Cleverly named to hold Trudeau's Liberals accountable to thei...
Kerista: Connexipedia Article
A religion founded in 1956 by John Peltz "Bro Jud" Presmont. Throughout much of its history, Kerista was centered on the ideals of polyfidelity (called "responsible non-monogamy") and creation of inte...
Liberation News Service: Connexipedia Article
A leftist alternative news service in the USA from 1967 to 1981.
Lotta Continua: Connexipedia Article
Italian left-wing organization.
Mattachine Society: Connexipedia Article
One of the earliest lasting homophile organizations in the United States, founded in 1950.
Merry Pranksters: Connexipedia Article
Group of people who formed around American author Ken Kesey in 1964 and who promoted the use of psychedelic drugs.
Mondragón Cooperative Corporation: Connexipedia Article
A group of manufacturing, financial and retail enterprises based in the Basque Country and extended over the rest of Spain and abroad which is one of the world's largest worker cooperatives and one im...
Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam: Connexipedia Article
A large demonstration against the United States involvement in the Vietnam War that took place across the United States on October 15, 1969.
New Democratic Party: Connexipedia: Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia
Whitehorn, Alan
A social democratic party and a member of the Socialist International.
New Hogtown Press: After Retrenchment, A Few Steps Forward
Diemer, Ulli
A profile of New Hogtown Press, a radical book and pamphlet publisher and distributor.
New Hogtown Press: Connexipedia Article
New Hogtown Press was a Canadian left-wing publisher active during the 1970s and 1980s.
New Left: Connexipedia: Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia
Kostash, Myrna
The New Left was a loose international political movement of the 1960s
New Left: Connexipedia Article
Left-wing movements in different countries in the 1960s and 1970s .
The New Left in Canada
Roussopoulos, Dimitrios
A book of essays on the 1960s New Left in Canada, by members of the New Left.
Peace Movement (Canada): Connexipedia: Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia
Canada has a long tradition of an active and vocal peace movement. During the late 1950s and 1960s, concern over the dangers of atmospheric testing and the debate over the presence in Canada of nucle...
Pressure Group: Connexipedia: Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia
Thorburn, Hugh G.
An organization formed by like-minded people who seek to influence public policy to promote an interest.
Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization: Connexipedia Article
A United States trade union which operated from 1968 until its decertification in 1981 following a strike which was broken by the Reagan Administration.
Radical Faeries: Connexipedia Article
A loosely affiliated worldwide network of queer people seeking to "reject hetero-imitation" and redefine gay identity.
Rochdale College: Connexipedia Article
An experiment in student-run alternative education and co-operative living in Toronto, Canada. 1968-1975.
Second-wave Feminism (USA): Connexipedia Article
Period of feminist activity which began during the early 1960s and lasted throughout the late 1970s.
Sexual revolution in 1960s America: Connexipedia Article
Attitudes to a variety of issues changed, sometimes radically, throughout the decade. The urge to 'find oneself' the activsm of the 1960's and the quest for autonomy were characterised by the changes ...
Situationist International: Connexipedia Article
A group of revolutionaries, founded in 1957, which developed a radical Marxist critque of life under advanced capitalism. They suggested and experimented with the construction of situations: the setti...
Socialist International: Connexipedia Article
A worldwide organisation of democratic socialist, social democratic, socialist, and labour political parties. It was formed in 1951.
Solidarity (UK): Connexipedia Article
Libertarian socialist organisation and magazine of the same name in the United Kingdom.
Spartacus League (Spartakusbund): Connexipedia Article
German revolutionary movement.
Spies for Peace: Connexipedia Article
A group of anti-war activists associated with CND and the Committee of 100 who publicized government preparations for rule after a nuclear war.
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee: Connexipedia Article
One of the principal organizations of the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s.
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS): Connexipedia Article
Student activist movement in the United States that was one of the main representations of the New Left. The organization developed and expanded rapidly in the mid-1960s before dissolving at its last ...
SUPA - Student Union for Peace Action: Connexipedia Article
Stevenson, William
A Canadian student organization active from 1964 to 1967.
"The Backdrop Against Which Everything Happened": English-Canadian Student Movements and Off-Campus Movements for Change
Lexier, Roberta
Examines the relationship between the 1960s' student movements at English-Canadian universities and provincial, national, and international movements for change.
Underground Press Syndicate: Connexipedia Article
A network of countercultural newspapers and magazines formed in 1967 .
Vietnam Veterans Against the War: Connexipedia Article
A national veterans' organization.
Waffle: Connexipedia: Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia
Watkins, Mel
A group established in 1969 as a left-wing caucus within the New Democratic Party.
Weather Underground Organization: Connexipedia Article
An American radical left organization.
Winds of Change: The Daughters of Bilitis and Lesbian Organizing
Gallo, Marcia M.
A history of Daughters of Bilitis (DOB), the first national lesbian organization in the United States.
Youth International Party (Yippies): Connexipedia Article
A youth-oriented radical and countercultural offshoot of the free speech and anti-war movements of the 1960s.

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Canadian Union of Students
Wikipedia article
Formed in 1963, the Canadian Union of Students (CUS) was the successor organization of the National Federation of Canadian University Students (NFCUS) formed in 1926. CUS like NFCUS was essentially a ...