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Battleship Potemkin: Connexipedia Article
A Russian ship on which the crew rebelled against their oppressive officers in June 1905 (during the Russian Revolution of 1905).
Fragging: Connexipedia Article
The assassination of an unpopular officer by members of his own unit.
French Army Mutinies (1917): Connexipedia Article
Involved nearly half of the French infantry divisions stationed on the western front.
HMS Hermione: Connexipedia Article
A frigate which underwent a mutiny in 1782 in which her commander and most of the officers killed.
Indian Rebellion of 1857: Connexipedia Article
The Indian Rebellion of 1857 began as a mutiny of sepoys of the British East India Company's army on 10 May, 1857, in the town of Meerut, and soon erupted into other mutinies and civilian rebellions l...
Invergordon Mutiny: Connexipedia Article
An industrial action by sailors in the British Atlantic Fleet that took place in September 1931. For two days, ships of the Royal Navy at Invergordon were in open mutiny.
Kiel Naval Mutiny (Wilhelmshaven mutiny): Connexipedia Article
A major mutiny by sailors of the German High Seas Fleet in October 1918.
Live Working or Die Fighting: How the Working Class Went Global
Mason, Paul
Mason realtes a series of struggles for worker and human rights over the past two hundred years and compares them to current struggles.
A Marxist History of the World part 56: The Indian Mutiny
Faulkner, Neil
The Indian Mutiny was the subcontinent’s first war of independence, with Indians of different ethnic and religious backgrounds fighting side-by-side despite the divide and rule fostered by the British...
Mutiny: Connexipedia Article
An action members of a group of similarly-situated individuals (typically members of the military; or the crew of any ship, even if they are civilians) to openly oppose, change or overthrow an existin...
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - January 22, 2017: Disobedience
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Ultimately all power structures depend on the obedience of those over whom they rule. It helps if people believe in the legitimacy of those who wield power, but the crucial thing is obedience. Once pe...
Port Chicago mutiny: Connexipedia Article
A refusal by servicemen to load munitions in 1944 in the face of unsafe working conditions which had led to an explosion the previous month in which 320 sailors had been killed.
Presidio mutiny: Wikipedia article
The Presidio mutiny was a sit-down protest carried out by 27 prisoners at the Presidio stockade in San Francisco, California on October 14, 1968. The stiff sentences given out at courts martial for th...
Royal Indian Navy Mutiny: Connexipedia Article
A strike and mutiny by Indian sailors of the Royal Indian Navy on board ship and shore establishments at Bombay (Mumbai) harbour in 1946.
Seeds of Fire: A People's Chronology
Diemer, Ulli
Recalling events that happened on this day in history. Memories of struggle, resistance and persistence.
Sir! No Sir!
Zeiger, David (director)
A documentary about the anti-war movement within the ranks of the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War.
Spithead and Nore mutinies: Connexipedia Article
Major mutinies by sailors of the Royal Navy in 1797.
SS Columbia Eagle incident: Connexipedia Article
A mutiny that occurred aboard the American merchant vessel Columbia Eagle in March 1970 when crew members seized the vessel and sailed to Cambodia.
The Virtues of Mutiny and Desertion: Two Christmas Anniversaries
Sigal, Clancy
Christmas Eve also marks the famous 1914 “Christmas truce” when British and German soldiers crossed No Man’s Land to shake hands, play soccer, exchange souvenirs and sing carols to each other. The Hi...