Missing Persons

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Another peace activist, Raza Khan, goes missing in Lahore
Raza Mahmood Khan, a Peace activist and social worker, went "missing" in Lahore on Dec. 2, 2017, shortly after he had organised a public discussion about a recent demonstration that ended in ignominio...
You Can Run, Not Hide, From Great Gumshoe Greene
Canedy, Dana
Profile of an independent sleuth specializing in missing persons.

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Radio programme a beacon of hope for Afghans searching for lost relatives
In Search of the Missing tries to track down some of the 1 million people who have disappeared during three decades of war
Sieff, Kevin
An Afghani radio station has started a semi-weekly segment entitled "In Search of the Missing", aimed at reuniting missing loved ones. Citizens are invited to call the 10-year-old radio programme and ...