Literary Criticism

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Connexions Library

Against the American Grain: Essays on the Effects of Mass Culture
Macdonald, Dwight
Critical essays on American culture.
All That Is Solid Melts Into Air: The Experience of Modernity
Berman, Marshall
Berman examines the clash of classes, histories, and clutures in the modern world, and ponders our prospects for coming to terms with the relationship between a liberating social and philosophical ide...
Anarchism, Representation, and Culture: Cohn, Jesse
A discussion of the role of anarchism in the formation of modernist avant-garde aesthetics.
Berman, Marshall: Connexipedia Article
American philosopher and Marxist Humanist writer. (Born 1940).
The Button, the Wall and the Myth of Nations
Koehler, Robert
North Korean sanctions, the border wall with Mexico, and the "toxic" role of nationalism with regards to international relations and domestically in the US are discussed.
Communication for and Against Democracy
Raboy, Marc and Bruck, Peter A. (ed.)
This anthology explores the circumstances in which communication serves at times as an instrument of repression and domination, and at others as a support for human emancipation.
Culture of Complaint: The Fraying of America
Hughes, Robert
Propaganda-talk, euphemism, and evasion are so much a part of American usage today that they cross all party lines and ideological divides. The art of not answering the question, of cloaking unpleasan...
Goodman, Paul: Connexipedia Article
American sociologist, poet, writer, anarchist, social critic, and public intellectual. (1911-1972).
Kafka's Prayer
Goodman, Paul
Kafka said that writing is a form of prayer and it is in that light that Paul Goodman confronts the body of Kafka's work and ideas.
Macdonald, Dwight: Connexipedia Article
American writer, editor, social critic, philosopher, and political radical. (1906-1982).
An Opposing Man: The Autobiography of a Romantic Revolutionary
Fischer, Ernst
The memoirs on Ernst Fischer, a socialist literary and art critic.
Our Generation: Volume 3 Number 1
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Reading Lolita in Tehran
Nafisi, Azar
Reviews and Articles: From Die rote Fahne
Lukacs, Georg
These pieces are mainly articles and book reviews written in 1922 for the Communist daily newspaper Die rote Fahne.
Shelley's Socialism
Aveling, Edward; Aveling, Eleanor Marx
One of the few Marxist evaluations of poetry of Percy Byshhe Shelley.

Sources Library

Against Theory: Literary Studies and the New Pragmatism
Mitchell, W. J. T.
"Against Theory," the title essay in this volume, challenges the notion that literary theory has any real work to do, or any results to show. This challenge—issued by Steven Knapp and Walter Benn Mich...
The Cambridge Companion to Canadian Literature
Kröller, Eva-Marie
Broad surveys of fiction, drama, and poetry, Aboriginal writings, Francophone writings, autobiography, literary criticism, writing by women, urban writing, nature writing, travel writing, and short fi...
Essays on Thomas Mann
Lukacs, Georg
These essays, written over a number of decades, are intended to throw light on the central problems of the work of Thomas Mann whom Lukacs describes as 'the last great bourgeois writer.' As a friend a...
Goethe and His Age
Lukacs, Georg
These essays discuss Goethe's work, their role in German literature and the wider problems of the evolution of German culture and social thought. Lukacs insists that an understanding of 20th-century G...
Meaning of Contemporary Realism
Lukacs, Georg
Lukacs discusses three main trends in modern literature; the literature of the 'avant garde,' socialist realism, and critical realism. He argues that critical realism is both the link with the great l...
Soul and Form
Lukacs, Georg
Lukacs' first published book, a collection of literary essays appearing in Hungary in 1910. Many of the themes that dominate his later work are to be found here - the idea of totality, the nature of f...
Studies in European Realism
A Sociological Survey of the Writings of Balzac, Stendhal, Zola, Tolstoy, Gorki, and Others
Lukacs, Georg
These essays celebrate the humanist tradition of European literature.
The Theory of the Novel
A Historio-Philosophical Essay on the Forms of Great Epic Literature
Lukacs, Georg
The Theory of the Novel marks a radical turning point in Lukacs' thinking which is essential to an understanding of his life. He also anticipated the development of future European literature - in par...
Writer and Critic
And Other Essays
Lukacs, Georg
These essays have been chosen to form an introduction to Lukacs' literary criticism. In the first part the three Aristotelian categories are represented by six essays. The second part consists of two ...

From the Connexions Archives

Break Their Haughty Power
Goldner, Loren
Articles on capitalism, socialism, and revolution, from a left-Marxist perspective.