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Connexions Library

The Internet's Unholy Marriage to Capitalism
Foster, John Bellamy; McChesney, Robert W.
The economic context points to the paradox of the Internet as it has developed in a capitalist society. The Internet has been subjected, to a significant extent, to the capital accumulation process, w...
Yahoo's Tumblr, Google's Makani and Noah Cross's Future: Designing Software, Wings and Your Life
Lopez, Alfredo
Corporations, in seeking to control markets, become the custodians and designers of our culture and our future. For them, the future is a communication limited to outbursts and pithy comments, a data-...

Sources Library

Internet addiction driving South Koreans into realms of fantasy
Government caught between promoting gaming and restraining its use in world's most wired nation
McCurry, Justin
Two million South Koreans are thought to be addicted to Internet games as the government struggles to deal with the problem.
Marketing Internships - Toronto
Sources News Release
Sources offers a four- to six-month unpaid marketing internships in Toronto. Tasks may include web-based marketing, social networking, identifying and contacting prospective clients, web page design, ...