Institutional Child Abuse

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Baby remains found in mass grave at ex-Irish orphanage
Remains of children ranging from new-born to three-years-old discovered in the sewers of a former children's home run by the Roman Catholic Church.
Broken Circle
Fontaine, Theodore
A two-part excerpt from Theodore Fontaine's book Broken Circle, a memoir of surviving the Fort Alexander Indian Residential School in Manitoba -- and pursuing his own path to healing.
The Gladys We Never Knew
Knickerbocker, Nancy
According to the Vital Statistics Act document entitled ''RETURN OF DEATH OF AN INDIAN,'' Gladys Chapman was 12 years, 10 months, and 12 days old on April 29, 1931, when she died in Royal Inland Hospi...
The Mother Behind the Galway Children's Mass Grave Story: 'I Want to Know Who's Down There'
Gentleman, Amelia
It was amateur historian Catherine Corless's painstaking research that brought news of the children's mass grave in Tuam to the world's attention. She tells how her search for the truth turned her lif...
A National Crime: The Canadian Government and the Residential School System, 1879-1986
Milloy, John
Milloy chronicles the heart-breaking realities of the Residential School. This institiution separated thousands of Native children from their families in the Canadian Government's pursuit of "aggressi...
Our Spirits Don't Speak English
Richie, Chip (director)
A documentary film about the Native American boarding schools.
Sleeping Children Awake
Hanah, Rhonda Kara
A feature length documentary video outlining the history of the residential school system and its effect on generations of First Nations’ people in Canada.
Still Surviving: Reconciliation Through Everyday Rebellion
Mast, Meghan
Residential school survivors rebuild through small acts of hope and resistance.
They Came for the Children: Truth Commission Sheds Light on Canada's Genocide Against Indigenous Peoples
Lathem, Alexis
Imagine a village with all its children gone. For aboriginal peoples all across Canada, this was their lived reality, not the stuff of imagination. The story of what happened to the children -- who we...
This Benevolent Experiment: Indigenous Boarding Schools, Genocide, and Redress in the United States and Canada
Woolford, Andrew
A multi-layered comparative analysis of indigenous boarding schools in the US and Canada.
We Were Children
Wolochatiuk, Tim
A 2012 documentary film about the experiences of First Nations children in the Canadian Indian residential school system.

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American Indian boarding schools
Wikipedia article
American Indian boarding schools were boarding schools established in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries to educate Native American children and youths according to Euro-A...
Canadian Indian residential school system
Wikipedia article
The Indian residential schools of "residential" (boarding) schools for Native Canadians (First Nations or "Indians"; MĂ©tis; and Inuit, formerly "Eskimos") funded by the Canadian government's Indian Af...
Duplessis Orphans
Wikipedia article
The Duplessis Orphans (French: les Orphelins de Duplessis) were the victims of a scheme in which approximately 20,000 orphaned children were falsely certified as mentally ill by the government of the ...
Endemic rape and abuse of Irish children in Catholic care, inquiry finds
McDonald, Henry
Beatings and humiliation by nuns and priests were common at institutions that held up to 30,000 children, Ryan report states.
Galway historian reveals truth behind 800 orphans in mass grave
O'Doherty, Cahir
There is a growing international scandal around the history of The Home, a grim 1840's workhouse in Tuam in Galway built on seven acres that was taken over in 1925 by the Bon Secours sisters, who turn...
Hundreds of Scottish Orphanage Children Allegedly Buried in Mass Grave
High infant mortality rate and allegations of abuse raise suspicions of Smyllum Park in Lanark, once run by Catholic nuns
Bowcott, Owen
The Scottish child abuse inquiry is to investigate claims that the bodies of at least 400 children from an orphanage once run by Catholic nuns are buried in an unmarked mass grave.The Smyllum Park orp...
Mount Cashel Orphanage
Wikipedia article
The Mount Cashel Orphanage was a Canadian orphanage that was operated by the Congregation of Christian Brothers in St. John's, Newfoundland.
Report on Australian Stolen Generations
Bringing Them Home Report
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families. This report is a tribute to the strength and struggles of many thousands of Ab...
Stolen Generations
Wikipedia article
The Stolen Generations (also known as Stolen children) were the children of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who were removed from their families by the Australian Federal and ...