Informal Work Groups

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Selected articles from the Connexions Online Library.
Glaberman, Martin - Writings - Index
Glaberman, Martin
Writings of Martin Glaberman (1918-2001).
Notes from the class struggle: small group workplace organising
This pamphlet aims to show what small groups and unions can achieve in workplace disputes. These examples and analyses of successful small-scale actions should prove instructive to workers in a variet...
On workplace organisation
A look at the exchange between Stan Weir and Sam Friedman on workplace organisation.
Organising your workplace - getting started: You're working, or just started work somewhere where there is no active collective workers' organisation. What can you do to get organised?
Nowadays many workplaces have no active workers' organisation. Depending on whereabouts you are in the world and what sector you work in there may or may not be much of a trade union presence. And eve...
Proletarian management: Informal workplace organization - Kämpa Tillsammans
Interesting article about informal workplace organising, management tactics and suggestions for workers to build power on the job.
The Role of the Individual and the Group in the Creation of Work Cultures
Weir, Stan
Stan Weir compares wildcat strikes in Poland and San Diego and their basis in the 'informal work group'.

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Radical America - Volume 6, No. 3 - May - June 1972
Serial Publication (Periodical)