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Wages for Housework
Fairbairns, Zoƫ
'If women were paid for all they do, there'd be a lot of wages due', sang women campaigners in the 1970s. But demanding money for unpaid domestic work is a sad indictment of the Women's Movement, argu...
Wages for Housework Committee Materials
A series of films on women's rights centred around the family allowance program.
Wages for Housework Video Tape
A video record of the development of the wages for housework debate.

From the Connexions Archives

Committee To Advance The Status of Housework
Immigrant women, sole-support mothers, community activists, students and feminist academics are working together "to upgrade the economic, social and legal status of housework."
Intercede: International Coalition To End Domestics Exploitation
Organization profile published 1981
The International Coalition to End Domestics' Exploitation (INTERCEDE) was created in May, 1980, a joint effort of four groups: Employment Services for Women, Housewives Initiative, Labour Rights for ...
The Newsletter
Periodical profile
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Newsletter published in 1973 and 1974 by the New Tendency, a loose collaboration of independent leftists primarily based in Toronto, Windsor, Winnipeg, and Kitchener-Waterloo. Articles dealt with work...