Food Aid

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After the "Special Period": Against The Current vol. 89
Quinn, Rachel
U.S. activists interview Cuban student. In July, Solidarity supporters Tim Marshall, Rachel Quinn and Sara Abraham had the opportunity to take classes at the University of Havana as a part of the Lang...
Against the Grain: The Dilemma of Project Food Aid
Jackson, Tony; Eade, Deborah
Jackson and Eade critique food aid programs as ineffective and potentially damaging to developing nations. The authors argue for substantially reduced food aid programs and for their better administra...
Obama food aid ravages Third World farmers: Despite uplifting rhetoric, Obama is perpetuating a program that sabotages foreigners' self-sufficiency
Bovard, James
The US taxpayers who finance foreign food aid surely believe they are feeding starving people. But the truth is the reverse - it is undermining indigenous agriculture in recipient countries - creating...
Stuffed and Starved: Markets, Power and the Hidden Battle for the World's Food System
Patel, Raj
This investigation into the global food market postulates that the current state of population health, where one billion people are overweight and one billion people are starving exemplifies the diseq...

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Food for People
Organization profile published 1978