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Breaking the Spell: A History of Anarchist Filmmakers, Videotape Guerillas, and Digital Ninjas
Robe, Christopher
Breaking the Spell offers the first full-length study that charts the historical trajectory of anarchist-inflected video activism from the late 1960s to the present. Video plays an increasingly import...
Brink of Reality: New Canadian Documentary Film and Video
Steven, Peter
From angles both practical and philosophical, Peter Steven examines the business of making documentaries in Canada and reaching audiences with them.
Burma VJ: Reporting From a Closed Country
Ostergaard, Anders
Anders Ostergaard's award-winning documentary assembles footage smuggled out of Burma/Myanmar by an underground journalist group known as Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB). The film explores how DVB mem...
Connexions Library: Arts, Media, Culture Focus
Selected articles, books, websites and other resources on media, culture, and art.
The Miners' Hymns
Morrison, Bill (director)
The ill-fated coal mining communities in North East England are the subject of this inspired documentary by multi-media artist Bill Morrison.
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - September 4, 2014
Diemer, Ulli (editor); Khan, Tahmid (production)
Information about the Connexions Alternative Media List and the Labor Film Archive. Articles on corporations spying on non-profits, workplace deaths, Monsanto and Ukraine, and liberal environmentalism...
Our Daily Bread
Geyrhalter, Nikolaus (director)
Our Daily Bread (original German title: Unser taglich Brot) is a 2005 documentary film, depicted how modern food production companies employ technology to produce food on large scales. It consists mai...
Proposal for a Billingual Half-Hour Film: (on Sudbury women during the INCO strike)
Kuyek, Joan; Duckworth, Martin
This proposal for production of a film about the wives of Sudbury's striking workers is addressed to a variety of church, labour and women's organizations.
Racialism, art and the Academy Awards controversy
Walsh, David
Should artwork be categorized and presumably appreciated according to whether it represents a male or female, black or white perspective? Many critics, influenced by the prevailing ideology, set up th...
Shooting Back: Young Palestinians With Cameras
Duncan, Don
For the past three years, Btselem, the Israeli human rights NGO, has provided cameras and training to young Palestinians as part of its camera distribution project, to collect video evidence of abuses...
Video The Changing World
Thede, Nancy; Ambrosi, Alain
"We don't have films you can eat": Talking to the D.E.C. Films Collective
Cooper, Margaret
An interview with members of DEC Films, a distributor of progressive films in English-speaking Canada.
"We don't have films you can eat"
Cooper, Margaret
An interview with the members of DEC Films, a project of the Development Education Centre. Originally published in Jump Cut, No. 28, April 1983, pp. 37-40.
Working class cinema: a video guide
2013's guide to working class films and TV shows, showing class struggles, revolutionary situations and everyday lives.

Connexions Directory of Groups & Websites

The union representing Canada's 21,500 performers, writers and broadcast journalists. Concerned about free trade, cultural sovereignty, censorship, public broadcasting, copyright, Canadian film.
Boiling Frog
Promote and distribute activist and independent media committed to issues such as: environment, social justice, poverty, human rights, war, peace, globalization, direct action, etc. Attend, support, ...
Brave New Theaters
Provides world changers with films and organizing tools to bring attention to, raise money for, and take action around the issues you care deeply about.
Friends of Canadian Broadcasting
An association of Canadians who share a commitment to expanding the quality and quantity of Canadian programming on our nation's airwaves.

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The Cultural Industries in Canada
Problems, Policies and Prospects
Dorland, Michael (ed.)
Dorland discusses policy problems specific to the Canadian cultural industries that produce cultural commodities, such as books, films and television programs.
Rain/Drizzle/Fog: Film and Television in Atlantic Canada
Varga, Darrell (ed.)
Scholarly study of film and television in Atlantic Canada. Provides a broad historical overview of film and television in the region, as well as essays on specific topics such as contemporary popular ...
Save the feature before it explodes
Several films directed by Alfred Hitchcock in the 1920s are being fully restored
Miller, Henry K.
Nine films Hitchcock directed during the 1920s will be restored by archivists at the British Film Institute before the volatile nitrate reels combust. The film archivists' work and the hirstory of the...
Who's Who in Canadian Film and Television
5th Edition
A comprehensive guide to Canada's film and television production personnel: Animators, Art Directors, Cinematographers, Composers, Costume Designers, Directors, Editors, Music Editors, Post Production...

From the Connexions Archives

Creating Your Own Alternatives
Alternatives and suggestons for creating independent media.
Video Out Distribution Catalogue 1
Periodical profile published 1983
Serial Publication (Periodical)