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Carnival: Resistance Is the Secret of Joy
Notes from Nowhere Collective
Reinventing tactics of resistance has become a central preoccupation for the movement of movements. How do we make rebellion enjoyable, effective, and irresistible? Who wants the tedium of traditional...
Community Dreams: Ideas for Enriching Neighbourhood and Community Life
Berkowitz, Bill
A compilation of vignettes, fragments and thought starters that provides stimulating ideas for practical community transformation.
Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy
Ehrenreich, Barbara
An account of the toll that depression has taken on European and North American health since the 18th century.
A Festival of Radical Energy: Against The Current vol. 130
McGough, John; Steiner, Isaac
The culmination of years of discussion and thousands of hours of planning, the 1st United States Social Forum brought together over 12,000 activists to sweltering Atlanta June 27-31 for a week of con...
Morality Policing
Monbiot, George
The police treat protests and festivals as a threat to their power.
Organising Things: A Guide to Successful Political Action
Ward, Sue
A comprehensive guide to practical political action, packed with information and handy checklists.

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Bread and Puppets Theatre
The Bread and Puppet Theatre is a long standing puppet troupe that perform politically themed puppet plays. The shows, which involve large puppets often made of paper mache, are usually socialist-insp...

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The City in History
Its Origins, Its Transformations, and Its Prospects
Mumford, Lewis
Beginning with an interpretation of the origin and nature of the city, Mumford follows the city's development from Egypt and Mesopotamia through Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages to the modern world.