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Canada Should 'Get Tough' on Political Crimes, Say Watchdogs: Four needed crackdowns, starting with illegal surveillance and electoral crime.
Nutall, Jeremy J.
A new round of Conservative Party advertisements return to a familiar tough-on-crime refrain.
The Canadian Election and the Global Climate Crisis
Annis, Roger
The environmental stands of all the main parties in this election amount to climate change denial.
Cree Agenda Becomes Part of Federal Election
The politicians of all parties are acting as if Aboriginal rights are irrelevant to this question of Quebec secession. Not only is it relevant: it is, in fact, central to the whole question. And if th...
Federalism and the French Canadians
Trudeau, Pierre Elliott
An essay that discusses nationalism and the Quebec seperatist movement.
'It's a New Day': Why Environmentalists Need to Change Their Strategy Under Trudeau Government
Gilchrist, Emma
Now that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have taken the helm, advocates have high hopes for a course correction on the environment and energy files. But after nearly a decade of working under hostile ...
New group urges progressives to build 'One Big Campaign' to take on Harper: Sources News Release
A campaign urging Canadian social activist groups to work together under one massive umbrella to take on the Harper regime and his right-wing supporters was officially launched today.
On the Defeat of Megan Leslie & Peter Stoffer
Hutt, James
What happened on Monday is proof of how divorced from reality we are. Progressives, radicals, the Left, whatever you call the people who believe in and strive for deep social change - we are disconnec...
Parliamentary Names & Numbers Online
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Lists all federal Members of Parliament and Senators, all provincial legislators, federal ministries, federal agencies and Crown corporations, Canadian embassies abroad, provincial and territorial min...
Who, or What, Is Behind Postmedia's Election Endorsements?: When hedge funds own newspapers, it's difficult to know
Willcocks, Paul
Did thoughtful editors at Postmedia's daily newspapers across Canada consider the needs of their communities and then unanimously decide to endorse the Conservatives in election editorials?

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Parliamentary Names & Numbers
Parliamentary Names & Numbers is your guide to governments in Canada. It's an invaluable resource, available online, for anyone who needs information about Canada's politicians, senior bureaucrats, an...

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