Events 1500-1599

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Club War (Cudgel War): Connexipedia Article
A 1596 peasant uprising in the kingdom of Sweden against exploitation by nobility and military in what is today Finland.
Croatian-Slovenian peasant revolt: Connexipedia Article
A large peasant revolt in today's Croatia and Slovenia in 1573.
Dacke War: Connexipedia Article
A peasant uprising led by Nils Dacke in Småland, Sweden, in 1542 against the rule of Gustav Vasa.
Peasants' War: Connexipedia Article
A popular revolt that took place in Europe during 1524-1525.
Philippine revolts against Spain: Connexipedia Article
Revolts during the Spanish colonial period.
Revolt of the Brotherhoods: Connexipedia Article
A revolt by artisan guilds against the government of King Charles I in the Kingdom of Valencia which lasted from 1521-1523.
Revolt of the Comuneros: Connexipedia Article
An uprising by citizens of Castile against the rule of Charles V and his administration between 1520 and 1521.

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St. Bartholomew's Day massacre
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A wave of Roman Catholic mob violence, directed against the Huguenots (French Calvinist Protestants).