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Don Weitz in conversation with Ulli Diemer
Weitz, Don; Diemer, Ulli
Activist Don Weitz interviewed by Ulli Diemer, December 8, 2016.
Get Up, Stand Up: Uniting Populists, Energizing the Defeated, and Battling the Corporate Elite
Levine, Bruce E.
Levine offers insights into the epidemic of political passivity in America and analyzes how major U.S. institutions have created helplessness and fatalism. He proposes ways of recovering dignity, ener...
The No-Nonsense Guide to the Arms Trade
Burrows, Gideon
A review of the increasingly prolific global arms trade and its economic, political and social impact on exploited and vulnerable nations.
Torture - never forget: New Internationalist September 2000
Serial Publication (Periodical)
The importance of listening to victims of torture and bringing their stories to the world stage. Articles include an expose of the trade in torture weapons, a look at the torturers themselves, torture...

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Amnesty International, Canadian Section
Amnesty International is a worldwide human rights organization which works to secure the release of all prisoners of conscience, works for fair and prompt trials for all political prisoners, and works...

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Ontario Coalition To Stop Electroshock
Organization profile published 1984
Phoenix Rising
Periodical profile published 1980
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Phoenix Rising
Periodical profile published 1981
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Phoenix Rising is published by "On Our Own," a collective of ex-psychiatric patients dedicated to supporting the rights and struggles of people who are experiencing or have experienced psychiatric con...
Phoenix Rising
Periodical profile published 1984
Serial Publication (Periodical)
PHOENIX RISING is published quarterly by On Our Own, a group of ex-psychiatric patients.
Phoenix Rising
Periodical profile published 1990
Serial Publication (Periodical)