Economic Democracy

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Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth - Second Edition
Korten, David. C.
Korten offers in-depth advice on how to mount a grassroots campaign to bring about an economy based on locally owned, community oriented “living enterprises” whose success is measured as much by their...
How Change Happens: A Three-Fold Strategy: To build a new economy, we must work on three fronts
Korten, David
The power of authentic culture stories gives civil society the ultimate advantage in the contest for the human future. Stories alone will not, of course, bring down the institutions of Empire. Nor sho...

From the Connexions Archives

S.M. Lipset
Social Scientist of the Smooth Society
Jacobs, James
A critique of S.M. Lipset's book Political Man, this article problematizes the assumptions made by social scientists.