James Weinstein

James "Jimmy" Weinstein (July 17, 1926, New York City – June 16, 2005, Chicago) was an American historian and journalist best known as the founder and publisher of In These Times. Weinstein was a life-long socialist and early 20th-century American socialism was often the focus of his writings.

As a young man, Weinstein was an active supporter of Henry Wallace's 1948 presidential bid on the Progressive Party ticket, a campaign strongly backed by the Communist Party. However, Weinstein later became critical of the "third party" strategy and would encourage the American left to work within and influence the Democratic Party. Weinstein became a prominent figure among left-wing Democrats in his adopted home of Chicago, Illinois, where In These Times is headquartered.

Weinstein served in the U.S. Navy and received a degree in government from Cornell University in 1949. He later attended Columbia University, obtaining an M.A. in history.

He was the author of numerous books, including The Decline of Socialism in America, The Corporate Ideal in the Liberal State and The Long Detour: The History and Future of the American Left. He also founded the journal Socialist Revolution (later renamed Socialist Review) and was one of the founders of Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco, California.

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