Die Neue Zeit

Die Neue Zeit ("The New Times") was a German socialist theoretical journal of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) that was published from 1883 to 1923. Founded by leading socialist politicians and theorists,[1] it became the most important organ of the SPD competing with Sozialistische Monatshefte.[2] It was edited by Karl Kautsky and Emanuel Wurm until their withdrawal from the SPD in 1917. Following that, Heinrich Cunow took over as its chief editor.

The magazine's first edition was released on January 1, 1883. After the abolishment of the Anti-Socialist Laws, the magazine was transformed from a monthly into a weekly on October 1, 1890. 1901 it became the official magazine of the SPD and its property.[1] The magazine's decline and end came with the hyperinflation of the 1920s.

Die Neue Zeit was succeeded by Die Gesellschaft,[3][2] whose first issue was published on April 1, 1924.[4]

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