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Cherry Beach

Cherry Beach, originally called Clarke Beach Park after the local alderman who founded it, was established as a recreational beach in the 1930s. Established close to the mouth of the Don River, Cherry Beach was originally very close to a heavily industrial area and still is located on Toronto Harbour Commission Property. In spite of this nearby industry that might have created a health hazard, Cherry Beach was and continues to be a popular destination for families and youth.

In the mid-1970s the Toronto Harbour Commission announced that they would eventually reclaim the beach (which was at the time being rented by the City of Toronto) to build a container port. Fortunately for beach goers they did not follow through with their plans and now the beach sits close to a massive re-vitalization project imposed on the surrounding Lower Don Lands beginning in the early 2000s.

Through the years stories circulated about how the police would use the beach as a remote place to beat up people they had picked up that night. Immortalized in their song "Cherry Beach Express," Pukka Orchestra described a practise by which police would pick up people and then beat confessions out of them whether they had committed a crime or not.

7 News: July 12, 1975

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