List of anarchist periodicals

The following is a chronological list of noteworthy anarchist periodicals.

Dates of publication Title Format Language Base
1833 The Peaceful Revolutionist Monthly newspaper English Cincinnati, Ohio (US)
1848-1850 Le Peuple Irregular newspaper French Paris (France)
1850-??? L'Anarchie, journal de l'ordre Monthly journal French France
The Word Magazine English Princeton, Cambridge (US)
1879-1910 Die Freiheit Newspaper German London (UK), New York City, (US)
1879-1885 Le Rvolt Newspaper French Geneva (Switzerland)
1880-1881 La Rvolution Sociale Newspaper French Paris (France)
1881-1908 Liberty Biweekly newspaper English Boston, Massachusetts (US)
1883-1907 Lucifer the Lightbearer Weekly newspaper English Valley Falls, Kansas and Chicago, Illinois (US)
1884-1888? The Alarm Weekly newspaper English Chicago (US)
1886-present Freedom Biweekly tabloid English London (UK)
1890-1977 Fraye Arbeter Shtime Tabloid Yiddish United States
1891-1894 L'EnDehors Newspaper French Paris (France)
1895-1956 Le Libertaire Newspaper French Paris (France)
Arbeter Fraynd Newspaper Yiddish London (UK)
1895-1904 The Firebrand, 1895-1897

Free Society, 1897-1904[2]

Newspaper English San Francisco (US)
1896-1932 Der Eigene Journal German Berlin (Germany)
1897-present La Protesta Journal Spanish Buenos Aires (Argentina)
1898-present Brand Magazine Swedish Malm (Sweden)
La Revista Blanca Magazine Spanish Madrid and Barcelona (Spain)
1900-?? Regeneracin Newspaper Spanish Mexico and United States
1905-1914 L–Anarchie Journal French Paris (France)
Germinal Journal Yiddish London (UK)
1903-1918 Cronaca Sovversiva Newspaper Italian New Jersey (US)
1906-1917 Mother Earth Monthly magazine English United States
1907-present Solidaridad Obrera Weekly newspaper Spanish Spain
1907-1932 Die Aktion Weekly periodical German Germany
1911-1923 Bluestockings Journal Magazine Japanese Japan
1911-1919 Golos Truda Monthly, weekly, later daily newspaper Russian New York, Petrograd, Moscow
1916-1917 The Blast Biweekly magazine English San Francisco, California (US)
1917-1921 Anarkhiia Weekly newspaper Russian Moscow, Russia/USSR
1917-1921 Der Ziegelbrenner (The Brickburner)[3] Magazine German Munich (Weimar Germany)
Umanit Nova Weekly newspaper Italian Italy
1922-1939 L'EnDehors Newspaper French Paris (France)
1927-1931 Road to Freedom Newspaper English New York City, New York (US)
1929-1937 Iniciales Magazine Spanish Barcelona and Valencia (Spain)
1932-1939 Vanguard Monthly journal English New York City, New York (US)
1937 Catalunya Journal Catalan Catalonia
1945-1956 L–Unique Journal French France
1952-3 The Syndicalist[4] Paper English Britain
1960-1992 Solidarity Magazine English London (UK)
1961-1994 Our Generation Biannual newspaper English Montreal (Canada)
1965-1968 Left and Right: A Journal of Libertarian Thought Journal English United States
1966-1968 Black Mask Journal English New York City, New York (US)
1965-present Fifth Estate Quarterly magazine English Liberty, Tennessee and Detroit, Michigan (US)
1969-1984 The Libertarian Forum Journal English United States
1969-present The Match! Irregular magazine English Tucson, Arizona (US)
1970-2006 Black Flag Annual newspaper English United Kingdom
1970s-1980s Black Rose[5] Magazine English Boston, Massachusetts (US)
1975-1984 Voz Anarquista Monthly magazine Portuguese Almada (Portugal)
1975-1980 Libero International Newspaper English Kobe (Japan)
1980-present Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed Quarterly magazine English Berkeley, California (US)
1981-1997 Ideas and Action Magazine English United States
1983-present Class War Newspaper English London (UK)
1984-2004 Counter Information Biannual English Edinburgh (Scotland)
1984-present Green Anarchist Magazine English United Kingdom
1985-present El Libertario Newspaper Spanish Buenos Aires City (Argentina)
1986-present Anarcho-Syndicalist Review Quarterly English United States
1988 The Arousal Newsletter English Pakistan
1988-present Slingshot! Quarterly newspaper English Berkeley, California (US)
1988-present Organise! Biannual magazine English Great Britain and Ireland
1989-present Profane Existence Irregular zine English Minneapolis, Minnesota (US)
1990-1996 Love and Rage/Amor y Rabia Newspaper English and Spanish (US)
1993-present Anarchist Studies Biannual magazine English London, UK
1994-present SchNEWS Weekly A4 sheets English Brighton (UK)
1995-present El Libertario Newspaper Spanish Caracas (Venezuela)
1996-present Direct Action Quarterly magazine English Manchester (UK)
1996-present Perspectives on Anarchist Theory Biannual magazine English Washington, DC (US)
1997-present Libertad! Newspaper Spanish Buenos Aires City (Argentina)
1998-present resistance Monthly bulletin English London (UK)
2000-2008 Green Anarchy Quarterly magazine English Eugene, Oregon (US)
2001-present Abolishing-the-borders Bimonthly magazine English Berlin, (Germany)
2004-present Gagged! Monthly A3 sheets English South Wales (UK)
2005-present Rolling Thunder Biannual magazine English United States
2007-present Voices of Resistance from Occupied London Quarterly journal English United Kingdom
2008-present Nor'easter Newspaper English United States

[edit] Footnotes

  1. ^ Arbeter Fraynd was originally launched in 1885, but only became anarchist in 1892. Publication was interrupted during the First World War.
  2. ^ "Free Society was the principal English-language forum for anarchist ideas in the United States at the beginning of the twentieth century." Emma Goldman: Making Speech Free, 1902-1909.
  3. ^ Der Ziegelbrenner was an anarchist-pacifist magazine edited by Ret Marut, thought to be a previous identity of B Traven.
  4. ^ Founded by Philip Sansom, featured Donald Rooum's first cartoon strip
  5. ^ Back issues of Black Rose available in various formats from Scarlet Letter Archives

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