Disappeared Persons

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Disappeared!: Technique of Terror
During 1985, the United Nations reported on cases ofdisappearance in 36 countries in all parts of the world. This Report looks at the psychological, legal, and political context of disappearances. It ...
Massacres Under the Looking Glass: The ICC and Colombia
Kovalik, Daniel
The International Criminal Court (ICC) just published its Interim Report on Colombia. In the Report, the ICC explains that Colombia has been under preliminary examination by the ICC since June 2004. T...
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - May 7, 2016: Destabilization and Regime Change
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
When governments get too far out of line -- the most outrageous offence, from the point of view of imperial power, is pursuing policies that help ordinary people at the expense of transnational corpo...
Relentless Persistence: Nonviolent Action in Latin America
McManus, Philip and Schlabach, Gerald (ed.)
There is in Latin America a tradition of "firmeza permanente," relentless persistence, which has enabled the people to preserve parts of their culture during five centuries of conquest and oppression.
Remembering Argentina's Mothers of the Disappeared
Sun, Rivera
Campaign Nonviolence is a movement to build a culture of active nonviolence. We share the stories of nonviolent action, drawing lessons, strength, and strategy from the global grassroots movements for...
With My Heart in Yambo
Restrepo, Maria Fernanda
Twenty-four years ago director Fernanda Restrepo's two teenage brothers disappeared. A year later, the family finally learned the worst possible news: the brothers had been kidnapped, tortured and mur...

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Armed gunmen raid salvadoran human rights organization, burn archives
Sources News Release
Armed gunmen raid Salvadoran human rights organization Pro-Busqueda just months after abrupt closure of Archdiocese's human rights office, Tutela Legal. Human rights defenders see actions as effort to...
Two arrested five years after journalist's disappearance
International Federation of Journalists
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its affiliate the Free Media Movement (FMM) welcome the arrest of two former military officials over the disappearance of Prageeth Eknaligoda. The...