Culture Jamming

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Autonomous Media: Activating Resistance & Dissent
Langlois, Andrea; Dubois, Frederic
Essays written by media activists examining the efforts of communities and social movements to appropriate media technologies.
On Wielding the Subversive Scalpel
In subversion, we leave behind the interminable argument between the good bureaucrats & the bad ones. By subversion we do not mean, as in its common usage, "overthrowing the government" & replacing it...
Rebel Sell: Why the Culture Can't be Jammed
Heath, Joseph; Potter, Adnrew
Released in the U.S. under the title Nation of Rebels: Why Counterculture Became Consumer Culture, the book is a critique of the underlying theory of counterculture Heath and Potter note that the cap...
The Situationists and the New Forms of Action Against Politics and Art
Vignet, Réne
Our task is to link up the theoretical critique of modern society with the critique of it in acts. By detourning the very propositions of the spectacle, we can directly reveal the implications of pres...
A User's Guide to Détournement
Debord, Guy; Wolman, Gil J
Détournement means deflection, diversion, rerouting, distortion, misuse, misappropriation, hijacking, or otherwise turning something aside from its normal course or purpose.
We are everywhere: The irresistable rise of global anticapitalism
Notes from Nowhere Collective
Global voices presenting alternative visions of democracy.

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Joey Skaggs is a storyteller, myth-maker, skeptic, philosopher, writer, performer, and artist. His work is designed to rock the boat -- disturb, provoke, aggravate, and annoy the status quo, as well a...

Sources Library

Drop till you shop
I insert my vision of retail subversion one haiku at a time
Silverberg, David
The author experiments with the culture jamming practice of shopdropping, leaving poems, polaroids, stickers, and other manner of messages for shoppers. This is designed to lead to a moment of incongr...