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Canadian lawyers and Chevron's court battle over environmental damage in Ecuador: Iler, Kirsten
A storm of controversy erupted amongst Canadian lawyers when the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) decided to intervene in Chevron's appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. The appeal is part of Chevron's...
Citizen-Journalist Fined for Telling the Truth
Brasch, Walter
The story of an injunction against against a journalist who dared to tell the truth.
The court does not sympathize: The moral depravity of the Israeli legal system
Elhanan, Nurit Peled
The blood of Palestinians is cheap in this country. No one has ever been punished for killing Palestinians' children, adults, newborns, old people. The murderers are all walking among us, free and hap...
Extraordinary Violence at 500 Pearl Street: The Sentencing of Jeremy Hammond
Tarrant, Anthony
On Friday, November 15, 2013, extreme violence with malicious intent was meted out by Federal District Court Judge Loretta Preska in the sentencing phase of 28 year old hacktivist Jeremy Hammond befor...
First Look Media Publishes Warrant 'Canary,' Releases Software for Managing Canaries
Marquis-Boire, Morgan; Oberlander, Lynn
Today The Intercept’s parent company, First Look Media, published a warrant "canary" -- a statement that attempts to assure readers that the company has not been compelled to comply with a secret gove...
The Great Conspiracy Trial
Epstein, Jason
Justice Behind the Walls: Human Rights in Canadian Prisons
Jackson, Michael
An account of the state of justice in Canadian prisons, weaving together the threads of correctional history, penal philosophy, landmark court decisions, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and legisl...
Never Say Die!
Stanton, John
Autobiography of labour lawyer John Stanton with an account of Canadian labour history since the 1930's.
Passionate Declarations: Essays on War and Justice
Zinn, Howard
Essays looking at American political ideology.
Hayden, Tom
The Trial of Steven Truscott
LeBourdais, Isabel
LeBourdais makes the case for the innocence of Steven Truscott, a 14-year-fold boy convicted, and sentenced to death, for the rape and murder of a 12-year-old girl in southwestern Ontario.
Very Mention of Snowden's Name Makes Prosecutors Tremble
Froomkin, Dan
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has become such a powerful symbol of government overreach that federal prosecutors in a terror case in Chicago are asking the judge to forbid defense attorneys from ev...
West Bank land belongs to Jews says Israeli judge
Rapoport, Meron
Major Adrian Agassi is a senior Israeli judge who first served in the legal department that oversaw the confiscation of land in the West Bank to build Jewish settlements and was then appointed to the ...
Western hypocrisy over convictions in Russia of Oleg Sentsov and Alexander Kol’chenko
Shapinov, Victor
Shapinov advocates against the Western disregard for hundreds of criminal cases against oppositionists in Ukraine.
WikiLeaks, Corruption and the Super Injunction: Suppression and Information
Kampmark, Binoy
In Australia, whose institutions still pride themselves on an antiquated obsession with aspects of English gagging, suppression orders do retain a certain mystique. They certainly do in the Australian...

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Australian court imposes generalized news blackout on bribery case
Sources News Release
WikiLeaks has revealed the existence of a blanket gagging order applying to all citizens and news media throughout Australia.
Canadian Court to the Entire World: No Links For You!
Sutton, Maira
The Supreme Court of British Columbia has ordered Google to remove entire domains from its search results — a decision that could have enormous global implications on free expression. This is the late...
Guardian gagged from reporting parliament
Today's published Commons order papers contain a question to be answered by a minister later this week. The Guardian is prevented from identifying the MP who has asked the question, what the question ...
How the Trafigura story came to be told
Gag defeated by press, web users and MPs.
Life Sentence
Stories from four decades of court reporting - or, how I fell out of love with the Canadian justice system (especially judges)
Blatchford, Christie
Through an examination of notable trials she has covered, Chrisitie Blatchford makes the case that Canada's judicial system is out of control and often inept. Judges, she says, are the new senators, u...
Not guilty means not guilty
Diemer, Ulli
The gay news magazine, The Body Politic, is organizing a public campaign to make Attorney General Roy McMurtry withdraw an appeal against the magazine's acquittal on obscenity charges.
Trafigura gag attempt unites house in protest
Efforts by the law firm Carter-Ruck to stop reporting of a Commons question about Trafigura have outraged MPs on all sides.
US has a new tool to control the masses
No one should want the state to have power to strip your clothes off. And yet that's what is happening, thanks to the supreme court
Wolf, Naomi
Denouncing a new US Supreme court ruling that allows police to strip search any person who is placed under arrest for any offence at any time. Wolf says this state sanctioned sexual humiliation is a t...