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The Life of Death: An Exchange
Shahak, Israel
The really great form of courage and honesty that could be witnessed under the conditions of the Holocaust was when a Pole opposed the opinion or the silence of other Poles, when a Jew opposed other J...
Rosa Luxemburg on the Socialist Civic Virtues
D'Arcy, Steve
One of Rosa Luxemburg's most striking and least well-understood contributions was to draw on the classical "republican" notion of "civic virtue," as a vital part of her analysis of working-class democ...

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WAZ-IFJ Prize for Courage in Journalism Awarded to Bulgarian Journalist
Sources News Release
Lidiya Pavlova to receive the prize for her courageous report on violence and corruption. Award is presented for the first time.
Winners of Courage in Journalism Awards Announced
Sources News Release
Iryna Khalip of Belarus, Agnes Taile of Cameroon and Jila Baniyaghoob of Iran win Courage in Journalism Awards from the International Womenâ##s Media Foundation. Amira Hass of Israel is Lifetime Achie...