Civil Wars

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The ABC of National Liberation Movements
Draper, Hal
A war is politics continued by other, that is forcible, means. Our attitude toward a war must be congruent with our attitude toward the politics of which it is the continuation. This determines our pr...
Africa in Crisis: The Causes, The Cures of Environmental Bankruptcy
Timberlake, Lloyd
Africa in Crisis looks at the causes of African famine and how it is a symbol of a much deeper crisis. African droughts and famines are not just the results of a lack of rain but the end result of a ...
American Civil War: Connexipedia Article
Also known as the War Between the States and several other names, this was a civil war in the United States of America in which eleven Southern slave states declared their secession from the United St...
Behind the Confederate Flag Controversy: The Unfinished Civil War: Against The Current vol. 85
Miah, Malik
Some 50,000 people, ninety percent African Americans, marched in Columbia, South Carolina, on January 17, the federal holiday honoring the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. The march p...
The Case for Staying in Iraq: Against The Current vol. 122
Baldock, Kate
I don't support an immediate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, because I think it would probably make an already bad situation much worse. Of course, there's no guarantee that continuing the occupation will...
The Challenge to Violence: New Internationalist August 2005 - #381
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Stories which explain the power of nonviolent actions and how they have made a difference in the world.
China Shakes the World
Belden, Jack
Jack Belden's classic account of the Chinese civil war.
The Civil War in France
Marx, Karl
Written by Karl Marx as an address to the General Council of the International, with the aim of distributing to workers of all countries a clear understanding of the character and world-wide significa...
The Civil War in Switzerland
Engels, Friedrich
Congo's War, Women's Holocaust: Against The Current vol. 133
Against The Current
Which current war has taken more lives than the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Darfur put together?
The Danger in Lebanon: Against The Current vol. 120
Achcar, Gilbert
The assasination [of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri] resulted in the intensification of the campaign by the USA and France against the Syrian presence and influence in Lebanon. This press...
Defeat of Reconstruction and the Betrayal of Black Freedom Part Two
Wilde, Alan
During Reconstruction, black people fought to assert their American-ness. Throughout the South, it was blacks and their allies who would march, parade and celebrate the Fourth of July, but not out of ...
Easily Led: A History of Propaganda
Thomson, Oliver
From Ancient Sumer to modern Poland, Thomson traces the use of propaganda and its influence on human events.
The erasure of Syrian voices in Western media
Khalek, Rania
Trapped between a police state and Al Qaeda, average Syrians explain why they fear regime change.
For Black Liberation Through Socialist Revolution! Part Two: How the Liberals and Reformists Derailed the Struggle for Integration
Alexander, Don
There is a lot of talk today about multiculturalism, diversity, whiteness and "racialized subjects" and other liberal jargon that essentially attempts to erase the centrality of anti-black racism and ...
Gaza: Life and death under Israel's drones
Cook, Jonathan
There are many things to fear in Gaza. Drones are increasingly being used for surveillance and extra-judicial execution in parts of the Middle East, especially by the US. There are no statistics that...
The History of Costa Rica
Molina, Ivan; Palmer, Steven
An overview of Costa Rican history with an emphasis on how Costa Ricans have been able to make their own history, "though they do not make it just as they choose."
Homage to Catalonia
Orwell, George
George Orwell's account of his experiences in the Spanish Civil War.
How Brown Moses exposed Syrian arms trafficking from his front room
Weaver, Matthew
A Leicester-based blogger's monitoring of weapons used in conflict has been taken up by media and human rights groups. Never having been near a warzone has not stopped him from breaking some of the mo...
Interview with Gilbert Achcar: Against The Current vol. 122
Weissman, Susan
On the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Susan Weissman interviewed Gilbert Achcar for her program, "Beneath the Surface," on KPFK, Pacifica radio in Los Angeles. In the following excerpt, A...
Iraq: Guerrilla War in Sadr City: Against The Current vol. 114
Schwartz, Michael
In attacking first Najaf, then Tal Afar and Samarra, and finally tackling the center of Sunni resistance in Fallujah, the United States was seeking to reverse this process. But these attacks were not...
Lebanon: Dynamics of Conflict
Odeh, B.J.
In this clear delineation of the major forces at work in Lebanon, the author unravels the causes of the 1975-76 Civil War and relates them to subsequent events, including the Israeli invasion and its ...
Libya's second civil war: From armed resistance to jihadist networks
Haimzadeh, Patrick
With the events that led to Gaddafi's fall, a civil war between local groups and rival militias started in Libya. Four years later IS has appeared, and the country seems on the brink of collapse.
Marx and Engels Collected Works Volume 22: Marx and Engels 1870 - 1871
Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich
Includes The Civil War in France and other materials on the Franco-Prussian War.
Marxism and Freedom: From 1776 to Today
Dunayevskaya, Raya
Dunayevskaya argues that Marx's theory is the generalisation of the instinctive striving of the proletariat for a new social order, a truly human society.
A Marxist History of the World part 80: Stalinism: the bitter fruit of revolutionary defeat
Faulkner, Neil
Neil Faulkner looks at the time when the Bolshevik regime turned in on itself and morphed into a mockery of its socialist ideals.
Memory and Repression in El Salvador
McAnarney, Alexandra
The raid on Pro-Busqueda happened three days after the Salvadorean Supreme Court heard testimony from survivors of a 1982 raid carried out by government forces.
Negroes in the Civil War
James, C.L.R. (writing as J.R. Johnson)
The struggle of the Negro masses derives its peculiar intensity from the simple fact that what they are struggling for is not abstract but is always perfectly visible around them. In their instinctive...
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - July 31, 2014: Truth, justice and reconciliation
Diemer, Ulli (editor); Khan, Tahmid (production)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Articles on truth, justice and reconciliation efforts in countries affected by civil war or internal conflict; Bone Collectors: the fate of the remains of Australian aboriginal people stolen from thei...
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - August 27, 2017: Official Enemies
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Why and how do some countries become 'enemies'? How and why do governments and media work in tandem to demonize official enemies? Who are the people who live in those countries, what are their lives l...
A People's History of the World: From the Stone Age to the New Millennium
Harman, Chris
Harman describes the shape and course of human history as a narrative of ordinary people forming and re-forming complex societies in pursuit of common human goals.
The Philosophy of Antonio Negri: Resistance in Practice
Murphy, S. Timothy (ed.), Mustapha, Abdul-Karim (ed.)
Radical Digressions 2
Diemer, Ulli
A Record of Resistance: Against The Current vol. 121
Feeley, Dianne
Here is a stunning book, filled with photographs that record the suffering and strength of the indigenous population in the Guatemalan countryside over the past 15 years. In short essays and photos Ou...
A Response to Critics: Against The Current vol. 123
Baldock, Kale
David Finkel's comments (ATC 122) about my book Is Iraq Another Vietnam?, and about my position against immediately withdrawing the US military from Iraq, were well-informed and fair. So were the judg...
The Russian Revolution Ninety Years After: Against The Current vol. 131
Mandel, David
The October Revolution of 1917 in Russia was the most influential political event of the 20th century. But since history is written by the victors, it is not well known that October was the opening sh...
The Socialist Register 1967: Volume 4: A Survey of Movements & Ideas
Miliband, Ralph; Saville, John (eds.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Reissner, Larissa
Larissa Reissner's vivid description of the 1918 battle for Svyazhsk during the Russian Civil War.
Syria chemical warfare claims aim to provoke Western intervention
Van Auken, Bill
The unsubstantiated charges that the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad carried out a chemical weapons attack outside Damascus killing large numbers of civilians have all the hallmarks of a st...

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Bringing up the bodies in Bosnia
Vulliamy, Ed
Using cutting edge scientific research, an international organization is digging up mass graves to give victims' families some sense of closure and justice.
Myanmar's forgotten guerrillas in the mist
A battle for self - determination continues among the country's ethnic groups
Philip, Bruno
An examination of Myanmar's complex ethnic makeup and the rivalries that exist between these groups.
Saving past is first step to the future
Fick, Maggie
The archives of southern Sudan are all currently housed in a tent donated by USAid. Many documents have been damaged due to the poor storage facilities. The Rift Valley Institute, a non-profit researc...
There Was a Country
A Personal History of Biafra
Achebe, Chinua
A coming of age account, set against the backdrop of the Nigerian Civil War, or the Biafran War, of 1967-1970.