Carbon Emission Credits

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Carbon trading: privatising the world's forests
Austin, Susan
The World Bank sponsored carbon offset program has faced widespread criticism for, in effect, privatising forests and allowing rich nations to evade responsibility for cutting emissions themselves.
The Dead End of Climate Justice: How NGO Bureaucrats and Greenwashed Corporations are Turning Nature Into Investment Capital
Simons, Tim; Tonak, Ali
The notion of climate debt, highlighted as the principle avenue of struggle for the climate justice movement, poses some large problems. Contemporary demands for reparations justified by the notion of...
Double Jeopardy: Carbon Offsets and Human Rights Abuses
Checker, Melissa
Whether you're a climate change denier or doomsayer, an avid recycler or rabid consumer of plastic bottles, there is one very good but little-known reason to oppose carbon offsets: their immediate and...
Earning a Profit from Global Warming
Dolack, Peter
As evidence mounts that a warming world is hurtling toward the point of no return, the plan of the world's governments is to make adjustments to the ability of corporations to profit from polluting. S...
The Forest Mafia: How Scammers Steal Millions Through Carbon Markets: When the product is invisible, the cons are endless.
Jacobs, Ryan
International law enforcement authorities and environmental advocates say that the carbon markets are extremely vulnerable to financial fraudsters, especially when it comes to forest projects. Their s...
The great 'success' of a carbon trading failure
Butler, Simon
The right to pollute has never been more affordable. Energy companies and market speculators can buy a tonne of carbon for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. The low cost gives an incentive for co...
Uganda: Carbon Trading Scheme Pushing People off Their Land
Michael, Wambi
Carbon trading schemes are causing the displacement of indigenous persons as western companies rush to invest in tree-planting projects in developing countries.

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