Canadian Sovereignty

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The Multilateral Agreement and the Threat to Canadian Sovereignty
Clarke, Tony & Barlow, Maude
Explains how international agreements like the MAI are a systematic attack on democratic governments on all levels.
Negotiating with a Sovereign Quebec
Drache, Daniel; Perin, Roberto
Our Generation: Volume 4 Number 3
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Take Back the Nation: Revised Edition
Barlow, Maude; Campbell, Bruce
A passionate and thoughtful assessment of Canada in crisis. Analyses the dangers posed by NAFTA to Canada's economy and independence. Proposes economic, political and cultural solutions to Canada's pr...
What Do We Do Now? Building a Social Movement in the Aftermath of Free Trade
Diemer, Ulli
We have the potential to create a social movement in this country that goes beyond single-issue organizing to work toward an integrated vision of a more just and caring society.

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The union representing Canada's 21,500 performers, writers and broadcast journalists. Concerned about free trade, cultural sovereignty, censorship, public broadcasting, copyright, Canadian film.
Canadian Institute of International Affairs
The CIIA provides a national, non-partisan forum for the analysis, discussion and debate of international issues focussing on the implications for Canadian interests. Activities include the National F...
Council of Canadians
We believe that we Canadians should control our natural resources, our energy, our water, and our culture. We believe the important political and economic decisions that decide our future should be ma...
Friends of Canadian Broadcasting
An association of Canadians who share a commitment to expanding the quality and quantity of Canadian programming on our nation's airwaves.
Vive Le Canada
The mission of Vive Le Canada is to protect and improve Canada's sovereignty and democracy through education, advocacy and dialogue by using existing and emerging communications tools. The group is ag...

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Council of Canadians
Promoting economic justicem safeguarding social programs, renewing democratization, asserting Canadian sovereignty, advancing alternatives to corporate-style free trade, and preserving the environmen...