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California drought: agribusiness, fracking untouched by water rationing
Blake, Evan
California has responded to the drought by rationing water, with $500 fines for domestic 'water wasters'. But agribusiness and water-intensive industries like fracking remain untouched by the restrict...
California Greens Advance: The Camejo and Chretien Campaigns: Against The Current vol. 124
Rubin, Mike
In California the Green Party is changing both in its social composition and in its political diversity. The party's support for immigrants' rights, especially around the issue of state driver's licen...
California Is Not Dreaming
Garvey, John
Discussion of March 4, 2010 Day of Action in California.
Can We Live and Eat Too?: Against The Current vol. 131
Jelly-Schapiro, Eli
In 1579, the fleet of British explorer Sir Francis Drake met the coast of what we now call California. Drake, who would dub his discovery “New Albion” (Albion being the Latin name for Britain), though...
Crisis in the US: Social and Economic Effects, Restructuring and Methods of Adapting
Simon, Henri
The cause of the crisis in the US must be found in the context of the world capitalist economy and not credited to internal causes. These internal causes of course exist but in fact only shape the way...
Energy: The Fleecing of California: Against The Current vol. 91
Sheppard, Barry
The root of the electrical power “crisis” in California lies in the 1996 deregulation of the industry by the state government, approved unanimously by both Democrats and Republicans in the state legis...
A Militant, "Minority" Union?
Early, Steve
At the AFL-CI0 convention in Los Angeles in September 2013, a small group of rank-and-file workers managed to alter the convention agenda -- by threatening to protest the presence of Kaiser Permanente...
The Politics of the California Drought
Gupta, Arun
As if in compensation for a historic drought, California is being deluged by expressions of grim satisfaction that it is finally getting its comeuppance for environmental sins. Judgement was especiall...

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American drought: California's crisis
California is undergoing its worst drought in a generation. Chris McGreal explains how it is affecting the state.