The Seven Deadly Spins

Z., Mickey
Publisher:  Common Courage Press
Year Published:  2004  
ISBN:  1567512704
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX9463

Micky Z offers a look at 7 deadly spins: Spin #1: The Sleeping Giant: The U.S. minds its own business, but the sleeping giant is eventually provoked. Spin #2: Good Wars: Once forced into war, the U.S. only does so in the name of democracy and justice. Spin #3: U.S. vs. Them: Terrorists, evildoers and more-the U.S. has faced off against the worst humanity has to offer. Spin #4: Support the Troops: No matter what we think, we all unite behind our troops once the fighting starts. Spin #5: The Devil Made U.S. Do It: During war, even the U.S. has to play a little rough. Spin #6: Surgical Strikes: Those billion-dollar weapons can differentiate between the guilty and the innocent. Spin #7: Only Losers Commit War Crimes: enemies of the U.S. must be brought to justice.

Subject Headings

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