Privilege of Sex
A Century of Canadian Women

Zaremba, Eve ed
Publisher:  Anansi Press, Canada
Year Published:  1974
Price:  $3.50   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX9462

Privilege of Sex is a collection of excepts from the diaries and letters of Canadian pioneer women from the 1830's to the end of the century. The women's accounts of pioneer life are matter of fact but not withstanding offer some cogent assessments of the impact whites had on native customs and communities. Perhaps not knowingly but these Victorian women also questioned their role in the new world. If it came to survival they were prepared to shed the "feminine" virtues. As Eve Zaremba notes they were also keenly aware of the difference in the economic position of whites and natives in society. One of her final remarks is that there are still many fascinating accounts to be found and read by other pionnering women.

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