The First Duty of a Revolutionary is to Survive
An interview with Pat Califia

Turbine, Jaz

Publisher:  Cuir
Date Written:  01/09/1995
Year Published:  1995  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX9363

Pat Califia observes that the first stage in trying to politicize SM people is to make it possible for people to find each other. Within our own community, we need to educate ourselves about each other: "gay men need to educate themselves about feminism; lesbians need to educate themselves about AIDS and sodomy laws; straight people need to address their homophobia, and everybody needs to address biphobia and transphobia." This kind of interaction doesn't have to mean the loss of separate social spaces, which are appropriate. But it is the truth that we hang together or we hang separately.

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