Latin America: Reform or Revolution
A Reader

Petras, James; Zeitlin, Maurice
Publisher:  Fawcett Premier Book, New York, USA
Year Published:  1969   First Published:  1968
Pages:  511pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX9214


Table of Contents


Part I: Overview
1. Seven Fallacies about Latin America
2. Latin America: Feudal or Capitalist?
3. Growth and Crisis in the Latin American Economy
4. Toward Theory of Power and Political Instability in Latin America
5. The Changing Structure of Foreign Investment in Latin America
6. The United States and Latin America
7. The Failure of Latin America's Economic Integration

Part II: Class and Class Conflict
8. A Latin American Phenomenon, The Middle-class Military Coup
9. The New Industrialization and the Brazilian Political System
10. Aspects of Class Relations in Chile, 1850 - 1960
11. The Social Determinants of Political Democracy in Chile
12. Miners and Agrarian Radicalism
13. Stalemate or Coexistence in Argentina
14. Political Generations in the Cuban Working Class
15. Tendencies in Peruvian Development and Class Structure
16. Revolution and Guerrilla Movements in Latin America: Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, and Peru
17. With the Guerrillas in Guatemala

Part III: Development and Politics
18. Revolution, Reform, Conservatism
19. The Argentinian Industrialist
20. Foreign Investment and the Large Enterprise in Latin America: The Brazilian Case
21. Uruguay: Promise and Betrayal
22. Mexico: The Dynamics of an Agrarian and Semi-capitalist Revolution
23. On Cuban Political Economy
24. Index
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