Organization to Fight for the Democratic Rights of Immigrants
Organization profile published 1979

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This Montreal based organization (O.F.R.D.I.) has produced a variety of materials about immigrants and Immigration policy. The following is a brief desription of some of thse materials.
"Organization to Fight for the Democratic Rights of Immigrants: Platform, Objectives Demands, Programme" (in English , French, Portugese). This brochure is an overview of the organization and its analysis of capitalism. the organization's objectives are to fight for the rights of immigrants against the new Immigration Act, deportations and racism. The primary goal is to build one mass organization that unites immigrants and "workers"; O.F.R.D.I. sees itself as that organization.
"Canadian Immigration policy: Anti -Democratic and Repressive ", December 1979. Bill C- 24, passed in July of 1977, is the focus of this booklet. Beginning with a short history of Canadian immigration policy and practice, the booklet proceeds to examine the Bill and the "struggle" to develop a coalition of groups to fight the Bill. This resulted in the formation of O.F.D.R.I.
"Domestic Workers : Modern Slaves". In this booklet ,five immigrant workers tell of thir work lives. Most are from Latin America. They tell of crushed hopes, poor working conditions and the demeaning attitudes of their "bosses". The booklet concludes by opposing the Parti Quebecois' effort to get a standard contract for domestics ,because it legitimizes the practice of employing domestics.
"Fight Differential ". In March 1978, the Parti Quebecois announced that fees for unibersity students from foreign countries would be substantially higher tha for Quebec Students. The O.F.R.D.I. sees this as a part of a growing effort to discriminate against Third World immigrants to Canada.The booklet calls for a mass mobliztion, as happened in Britian when a similar law was introduced to stop the implementation of differential fees.

This organization no longer exists.
This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1979.

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