Canada's New Immigration Act: A Guide and Critical Commentary

Publisher:  Law Union of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1978
Pages:  64pp   Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX905

The preface to this booklet observes that Bill C-24 on Immigration, introduced int the House of Commons in
1976, was passed without substantial change. It adds: "we feel that the new law is one whch does not provide the necessary protections which would be expected in a 'democracy' such as ours. . . . The failure of the Federal Government to listen in the past should not prevent us from continuing to protest the injustices of this new and repressive piece of legislation.

The topic is treated in twelve chapters that include, besides the legal sections, "A History of Imigration in Canada", "Why Blame the Immigrants", "Effect on the Labour Movement" and "Other Restrictions on Immigrants' Rights".

In "Why Blame the Immigrants". a sub-heading reads, 'Immigrants take Job from Canadians and Cause Unemployment'. A four point refutation follows:
1. Immgrants create a demand for goods and services. and therefore stimulate the job market;
2. Immigrants except for sponsored relatives, are required to have a skill needed in Canada that workers cannot provide;
3. The unemployment rate could be the same whether or not there is immigration;
4. Immigration is the least important factor contributing to the growth of Canada's labour force.

Written legal details are complemented by procedural diagrams.

See also: CX695.

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