The Canadian Left
A Critical Analysis

Penner, Norman
Publisher:  Prentice Hall, Canada
Year Published:  1977
Pages:  260pp   ISBN:  0-13-113125-5
Library of Congress Number:  HX106.P45   Dewey:  335'.00971
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX9027

The main focus of the book is the emergence and development of Canadian socialist thought. Penner examines the origins of the Communist Party of Canada and its ideological base and the beginings and development of the CCF-NDP.


Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations

1. Introduction
2. The Shaping of Canadian Ideology
3. The Socialist Idea in Canada: Origins and Genesis to 1921
4. The Communist Party of Canada, 1921-1957: The National Question
5. The Communist Party, the Trade Unions, and CCF
6. Roots and Sources of Canadian Social Democracy
7. New Socialist Themes in the Sixties and Seventies
8. Conclusions and Summary


Subject Headings

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