Philosophers and Public Philosophy

Chomsky, Noam

Publisher:  Philosophy and Public Affairs
Year Published:  1968  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX8826

In order for Chomsky to address the symposium's topic of Philosophers and Public Policy, he outlines the premises upon which his discourse is based. He claims that the USA faces a crisis that is largely due to "moral degeneration". For example, he asserts that the change of Vietnam policy should have been based on the fact it was "wrong" as opposed to the fact it was merely failing. Chomsky recognizes that philosophers are versed in the analysis of the intellectual culture of society and limits their responsibility to interpreting the world differently; the task of working for actual change is assigned to all citizens. Accordingly, he calls upon universities and professors to analyze the premises and ideologies of public policies - independent of the organs of power - consequentially laying the foundation for reestablishing the integrity of intellectual life, moral perception, and cultural values.

Subject Headings

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