Days of War Nights of Love

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Essays that assess the ills of modern civilization and attempt to introduce new ways of living.

Abstract:  Days of War Nights of Love is one of the first major publications by the CrimethInc. Workers' Collective, an anonymous group of anarchist activists based in the United States with autonomous member cells in other parts of the world. Days of War is comprised of essays that assess the ills of modern civilization and attempts to introduce new ways of living. The central aim of the book is to revive the meaning and significance of anarchy, and to force the reader to imagine a lifestyle in which they would place themselves as the sole decision makers on how to live their lives, and not be coerced by any other, be it the law, the state, or institutionalized religion.

Each chapter of the book analyzes the encroachment of capitalist and consumerist mentalities upon specific areas of life. The topics range from a critique of the present conditions of domestication that make slaves out of humans, hygiene and modern society's obsession with erasing natural fluids, to the dangerous disconnect individuals feel from political struggles. The result is an exhaustive and comprehensive guide to recognizing the source of creative and emotional stagnation in today's world and imagining ways of living that allow us to embrace our freedom rather than relinquish it to the maintenance of the status quo. Instances of anarchic practices drawn from older historical contexts to more contemporary settings are interspersed throughout the book to provide concrete examples of how individuals and groups can and have ruptured societal norms to realize their freedom.

Days of War is dotted with comic strips whose original dialogue bubbles have been replaced with ironic political commentary. In addition, there are large chunks of texts that have not been attributed to their authors, most notably sections taken from Hakim Bey's 'Temporary Autonomous Zone'. The use of unreferenced materials fit into the general agenda of the CrimethInc. Workers' Collective, which rejects the exclusive nature of copyrighting and demands that the process of writing and distributing anarchist literature should be completely free and democratic.

Days of War ends with personal anecdotes of individuals who have chosen to live their life as far removed from the system as possible. Their accounts include the problems and contradictions involved in living productively whilst being unemployed. The authors then make a final address to the readers, and invite them to contribute to CrimethInc publications and join the CrimethInc team in their quest to create an alternative lifestyle based on radical community organizing.

[Abstract by Sara Jaffri]

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