The American Crucible
Slavery, Emancipation and Human Rights

Blackburn, Robin
Publisher:  Verso
Year Published:  2009
Price:  $29.50   ISBN:  978 1 84467 569 2
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8549

Robin Blackburn, an acclaimed historian of slavery, discusses the emergence of anti-slavery ideas and the important events that paved the way for abolitionist movements.


From publisher:

The American Crucible furnishes a vivid and authoritative history of the rise and fall of slavery in the Americas. For over three centuries enslavement promoted the rise of capitalism in the Atlantic world. The New World became the crucible for a succession of fateful experiments in colonization, silver mining, plantation agriculture, racial enslavement, colonial rebellion, slave witness and slave resistance. Slave produce raised up empires, fostered new cultures of consumption and financed the breakthrough to an industrial order.

Not until the stirrings of a revolutionary age in the 1780s was there the first public challenge to the ‘peculiar institution’. An anti-slavery alliance then set the scene for great acts of emancipation in Haiti in 1804, Britain in 1833–8, the United States in the 1860s, and Cuba and Brazil in the 1880s. In The American Crucible, Robin Blackburn argues that the anti-slavery movement forged many of the ideals we live by today.

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