In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

Mate, Gabor
Publisher:  Vintage Canada, Canada
Year Published:  2008
Pages:  466pp   ISBN:  978-0-676-97741-7
Library of Congress Number:  RC533.M38 2009   Dewey:  616.85'84
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8381

Gabor Mate looks at the epidemic of addictions in our society, tells us why we are so prone to them, and outlines what he thinks is needed to liberate ourselves from their hold on our emotions and behaviours.


Table of Contents

Author's Note
Hungry Ghosts: The Realm of Addiction

Part I: Hellbound Train
1. The Only Home He's Ever Had
2. The Lethal Hold of Drugs
3. The Keys of Paradise
4. You Wouldn't Believe my Life Story
5. Angela's Grandfather
6. Pregnancy Journal
7. Beethoven's Birth Room
8. There's Got to be Some Light

Part II: Physician, Heal Thyself
9. Takes One to Know One
10. Twelve-Step Journal

Part III: A Different State of the Brain
11. What is Addiction?
12. From Vietnam to 'Rat Park'
13. A Different State of the Brain
14. Through a Needle, a Warm Soft Hug
15. Cocaine, Dopamine and Candy Bars
16. Like a Child Not Released

Part IV: How the Addicted Brain Develops
17. Their Brains Never Had a Chance
18. Trauma, Stress and the Biology of Addiction
19. It's Not in the Genes

Part V: The Addiction Process and the Addictive Personality
20. 'A Void I'll Do Anything to Avoid'
21. Too Much Time on External Things
22. Poor Substitutes for Love

Part VI: Imagining a Humane Reality" Beyond the War on Drugs
23. Dislocation and the Social Roots of Addiction
24. Know Thine Enemy
25. A Failed War
26. Freedom of Choice and the Choice of Freedom
27. Imagining an Enlightened Social Policy on Drugs
28. A Necessary Small Step: Harm Reduction

Part VII: The Ecology of Healing
29. The Power of Compassionate Curiosity
30. The Internal Climate
31. The Four Steps, Plus One
32. Sobriety and the External Milieu
33. A Word to Families, Friends and Caregivers
34. There is Nothing Lost

Epilogue: Memories and Miracles
Endnotes Acknowledgments

Subject Headings

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