Arms Canada
The Deadly Business of Military Exports

Regehr, Ernie
Publisher:  james Lorimer & Company
Year Published:  1987
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8177

Regeher explores the secretive world of Canadian arms manufacture and debunks many of the myths aboutf the benefits of arms sales.

What do the Litton Systems, Pratt and Whitney, De Havilland and General Motors have in common? They all manufacture military components selling them to the United states. Regeher explores the secretive world of Canadian arms manufacture. He debunks many myths of the benefits of arms sales to the U.S.: military production creates jobs, improves Canada's balance of trade and gives us access to cutting edge technology. In reality he says Canada is merely a military satellite of the United states. We have no control over the final destination of the military components-they may end up in Grenada, Chile, Iran, Indonesia and other spots where they aid in repression. Regehr doesn't argue for the total stoppage of military production. He does however argue that it should be directed to Canada's direct defensive needs sufficient to maintain our neutrality and not profit driven.

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