Asper Nation
Canada's Most Dangerous Media Company

Edge, Mark
Publisher:  New Star Books
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8106

Mark Edge, the former Vancouver Province reporter, provides a detailed and albeit partisan history of Izzy Asper and his rise as a media mogul. Edge looks at the CanWest empire: it's legacy of big ownership, cross-media dominance of news markets and an agenda that includes tax reduction, smaller government and uncritical support for Isreal and the United States. He argues that the concentration of media in the hands of one company jeopardises journalistic freedom and he documents the firings of journalists and editors, byline strikes and resignations of angry writers who did not toe the Asper line. Although he is primarily concerned with CanWest the other media giants who are engaged in similar but less successful attempts to dominate the news markets are not let off the hook. Edge makes a persuasive argument for reform in media ownership.

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