Terrorism and Communism
A Contribution to the Natural History of Revolution

Kautsky, Karl
Year Published:  1919
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX8005

Kautsky's attack on the methods used by the Bolsheviks after their seizure of power in Russia.



I. Revolution and Terror

II. Paris

III. The Great Revolution

IV. The First Paris Commune
The Paris Proletariat and Its Fighting Methods
The Failure of Terrorism

V. The Traditions of the Reign of Terror

VI. The Second Paris Commune
The Origin of the Commune
Workmen’s Councils and the Central Committee
The Jacobins in the Commune
The International and the Commune
The Socialism of the Commune
Centralisation and Federalism
Terrorist Ideas of the Commune

VII. The Effect of Civilisation on Human Customs
Brutality and Humanity
Two Tendencies
Slaughter and Terrorism
The Humanising of Conduct in the Nineteenth Century
The Effects of the War

VIII. The Communists at Work
Expropriation and Organisation
The Growth of the Proletariat
The Dictatorship
The Change in Bolshevism
The Terror
The Outlook for the Soviet Republic
The Outlook for the World Revolution

Subject Headings

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