Estimating Lung Cancers: Or Its Perfectly Safe, But Don't Breathe Too Deeply

Publisher:  Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, Montreal, Canada
Year Published:  1978  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX773

Abstract:  This publication of the CCNR is a recapitulation of the testimony given to the Elliot Lake Environmental Assessment Board by Gordon Edwards. It deals with the dangers of radon gas in buildings. Specifically, it asks the question of what will be the increase in lung cancer when large populations are exposed to radon. The problem, states the article, is not only unique to Elliot Lake but levels of radon gas have been found in homes all across Canada. Using the scientific methodos of the mathematical model and the linear hypothesis,the author concludes that about 8 per cent of lung cancers are caused by naturally occurring radon gas. At this rate, he suggests that some 60 to 200 extra deaths would occur in exposed populations per century (radon gas emitted by 250 sq. ft."tailings" pond). The author recommends that people be made aware that there is a very real risk involved from radon exposure in their own homes and that building standards could, in their worst condition, lead to lung cancer increases.
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